Thirteen Things About This Day 10 Years Ago by Shash1. My hubby and I were married 10 years ago today ~ May 11, 1996
2. On the top of Grouse Mountain, in North Vancouver, British Columbia
3. It was supposed to be sunny but it had recently snowed – dumping more snow on the top of the mountain than we would have liked
4. Some people didn’t realize that they had to take a Gondola to the top of the mountain in order to be at our wedding ~ thankfully none of those afraid of heights went home, they closed their eyes and rode the tram
5. We had Pacific Salmon and chicken fingers for the reception. I forgot to ask if anyone didn’t like fish…. my new sister-in-law got to eat what the kids were eating…. sorry Judy
6. I got a severe cold a couple of days before the wedding and while standing up in the front my nose wouldn’t stop running, everyone thought I was so emotional and crying…. they didn’t know I was on tons of cold meds!
7. We had our pictures taken at the bottom of the mountain at a beautiful park and dam, my older sisters didn’t hear the announcement and didn’t show.
8. My niece Jana was our flower girl ~ she is getting married in 2 days!
9. My flowers were so beautiful, I love them. My parents neighbour did them for us as a wedding present. We had my bouquet freeze dried afterwards, it hangs on my wall now.
10. My mom and little sis, Lala, went to get their hair done and left me alone in my house to get all dressed and ready… by myself … all alone … no one around to help …
11. My hubby sang to me during the ceremony, “I will be here” by Steven Curtis Chapman. I had a song picked out when I was a teenager that the man I married would sing it to me. He did!
12. We flew to Hawaii for our honeymoon and Dave’s best man dropped us off at the wrong end of the terminal. We had to run like crazy to the right area to check in. I still had confetti in my hair – it was going every where.
13. We had a video of pictures of myself when I was little to growing up and one of my hubby when he was little to growing up and then one of us together while we were dating. Then I walked down the aisle to a song my cousin sang by Out of the Grey. Dave’s brother-in-law and my pastor performed the ceremony. (Then he sang to me). It was a great ceremony, we were prophesied and prayed over. Thanks everyone who helped make it a glorious day. Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Your wedding sounds wonderful. What a wonderful list.

    My TT’s up. have a lovely evening. Be Well…

  2. OH MY GOSH…It is Thursday, I forgot. I will have to skip it this week or do one late tonight when I am home from work (yuck).

  3. Happy Anniversary!! What a beautiful FUN wedding it must have been. That is what a wedding should be.

    My TT is up. Better late than never.

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! I still remember the song, and the beat to the song that he sang to you at the wedding. I loved it back then and still do now!

    Your niece,

  5. Sounds very special. Hope your anniversary was happy.

    My T13 is up.

  6. happy anniversary happy anniversary happy anniversary…..haaaaaaaappy anniversary

  7. Happy Anniversary!

    I love going to Grouse Mountain… what a beautiful view from up there.

    Thanks for stopping by my TT.

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