My hubby is doing a series right now at church and it if had to be titled anything it would be, “What are you in the House of God?” This is what I wrote for the cover of the bulletin…

“Are you a sinner, survivor, servant or a son in the House?”

The first is self-explanitory, if we’re not living a Christ-centred life where God is Lord of all… we’re sinners. The survivor is one who ducks responsibility; they fly under the radar or ask the question, “What’s in it for me?” before they do anything – if anything. The servant finds their identity and/or value in their labour – what they do for God is vital to them. Remove them from something or bring correction into their life and many times it’s viewed as a demotion or criticism; you’ve attacked their character and often times they leave the church offended.

A son (or daughter, don’t get all gender issue upset at me now…) is one who understands the balance between ownership and responsibility.

Here’s a small portrait of what a true son in the house looks like:

1) Makes changes, quickly ~ is teachable.
2) Invites correction and because they do, they are trustworthy.
3) A participant / producer, not always a consumer ~ even when it’s inconvenient.
4) Doesn’t always have a better way (of doing things, of teaching, or of organizing etc.).
5) Shows genuine concern for a father’s (leader’s) reputation.
6) In covenantal relationships. Doesn’t have a trail of broken relationships following them, they don’t give up on friendships despite a difference of opinion.
7) Doesn’t always want to take the reins (this goes along with #4).
8) Imitates a father’s (leader’s) faith ~ not image or style.
9) A cheerer of others. Secure ~ not threatened by the success or promotion of others.

In one house there will be many different people at many different stages of life but God wants us to mature ~ always moving forward ~ one step at a time. Growing up is a process that requires a lot of work but it is possible by making disciplined choices. This is the next thing we’re getting into!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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