Her hubby (Sean) called after church this morning. Sheryl is in fact in London (Ontario) now. They’ve been running a battery of tests and all of them have come back clear. This is wonderful and amazing news but it also frustrating news at the same time as she is still experiencing a lot of pain in her abdomen area. Our hospital here had her on a huge dosage of Morphine… she was starting to hallucinate. They also wouldn’t let her eat or drink, only an IV drip from Thursday to last night! This was for the “just in case” they had to do surgery…

The doctors in London are wondering if it is an infection caused by the various cancer treatments and the methods in which she received those treatments… They have started her on anti-inflamatory medication as well as one for the possibility of infection. Sean believes that they will keep her for a couple of days all the while running more tests.

Thank you for your prayers!
** UPDATE as of late Sunday evening. The doctors think they’ve found an abscess on her uterus, which would go hand in hand with the idea that it may be an infection. I’ll find out more information tomorrow and will let you know.**


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  1. Well hello there! I am glad you commented on my blog so I could put you in my bloglines! Lot of things are going on here . . . so I don’t have a bunch of time, but I’ll be scrolling around for sure!

  2. thanks for the update! we will continue to pray for wisdom and guidance for the doctors! amen

  3. Oh wow. I do pray also for the wisdom in determining the cause of her pain. I can’t imagine what she and her family are going through. May our Lord grant them comfort in this most trying time. Praying…

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