Tomorrow morning we have to get up bright and early and head down to Buffalo where we are catching a plane to southern California.

We will be gone for the week at a church leaders getaway. This is our 4th year going and each year it is getting bigger and bigger. Last year I think there were around 40-50 lead couples from all over the US and Canada. We were able to share our testimony of the purchase of the new church building. It was all God let – me – tell – you!!! We also had an opportunity to share with them the dreams God was giving us for 2006, to pray over others and grow closer with each other. It is such a neat bond and friendship that has developed between the group of North American churches (there are over 35,000 churches worldwide, majority in Africa and South Africa).

When we land in southern California we have a couple days to ourselves before the group gets together on Tuesday morning for breakfast. We plan on seeing the sights. My hubby has found a bunch of coupons for restaurants and sightseeing activities. Any time you can save a buck, it is a good thing! He also wants to visit the San Diego Zoo while we’re there. I was last there when I was a child but I’m sure it is still amazing.

One cool thing about flying into southern California is the chance of a celebrity encounter. I’m not a stocker or anything, don’t get me wrong. Being Canadian it can be said of us that we are not easily star struck. Many celebrities have cottages (summer homes) near us and say that “we” leave them alone (for the most part).

I sat next to one lady on the flight home two years ago and we were just gabbing back and forth about the joys of flying with children, she had her son with her and I was newly pregnant with Jake. I had no clue who she was. My hubby however recognized her right away and couldn’t speak much. Her name was Natasha Henstridge. Do you know who she is? Species, The Whole Nine Yards (and its sequel) and there’s a few more.

Three years ago on the flight home we ran into “Dr. Pratt” from ER.

Last year I was chatting this lady up who had just come off our flight to LAX, we were in the elevator on our way down to the baggage area with her entourage. She had her daughter, a nanny and her husband with her, who was shielding his face. I didn’t think much of it, maybe he just wasn’t social. The two of us continued to chat about our kids, Jake was with us this time. It wasn’t until we walked through the security doors and I saw a sign that said, “Sorvino” that I knew who she was. Mira Sorvino. I remember her best in Mighty Aphrodite and Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion.

I wonder if we’ll run into somone this year? If we do — don’t worry — I’ll tell you all about it!

I have so much to do before we leave. The two youngest kids are all ready with my s-i-l, Judy, they’ll have a blast there I know! The oldest two will go to my other s-i-l’s, Pauline, place for the weekend. They have school and I don’t want them to miss it so they’ll be back at the house during the week with a youth from our church who will watch them overnight, make sure they get on the bus in the morning and get off the bus in the afternoon. We bought lots of frozen meals for them to eat for dinner. They should be fine…

If I don’t get to talk to you before we leave. Have a great week everyone! See you when we get back!!!!



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  1. I don’t know any of those people… I’m not much for celebrities but if you run into Tommy Lee Jones, I want to know about it!
    And take pictures!

  2. You’ve met lots of celebrities! Lucky! Not me. Closest I’ve ever come is Nick Arrojo (stylist on What Not to Wear) cut my hair at a hair show I did for his company. Thats about it. Boring…I know! Have fun in Cali!

  3. Anna, not boring at all… my daughter adores him! She watches that show all the time, and she would have loved meeting him!

  4. have a great time and this time take pics of the celebs. you know get right there in their face and say CHEESE!!

    have fun
    love you
    will miss talking to you

  5. Why one more sleep – just stay awake and it will be like going today – no wait for tomorrow.
    Look for Arnie Swartzzzzzz.
    Enjoy and get blessed as you will and be a blessing.

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