I posted a simple question on my Facebook page today – I was pleasantly surprised by all the feedback I received!!

Did you keep your wedding dress or sell it?

It made me think… especially after PaperFlora (@PaperFlora2 on twitter) posted a tweetpic of her mother’s dress from the 1940’s and her grandmother’s dress from the 1920’s… we should do a wedding dress blog tour!!

So here are the rules and how you can participate:

#1) If you still have your dress… take a picture of your wedding dress (and if you want, upload a picture from your wedding day).

Then write a blog post about it; list when and where it was worn, a favourite memory or funniest or worst thing that happened that day, and then answer the question of the day: Would you sell it?!

#2) If you’ve already sold your dress… (or don’t have access to your dress to take a picture of it…) upload a picture from your wedding day, answer the questions above about your day and tell us why you sold your wedding dress.

Then leave me a comment with the link below in the comment box. Those who are participating in the Wedding Dress Blog Tour will tour around the blog world, checking out each others dresses and stories, leaving comments and link love!

I’ll do up a post tomorrow, Thursday May 27th with pictures of my dress and my story. I’ll include a Mr Linky widget so you can hook up and leave your post. I’m looking forward to seeing your post!!!

Wedding Dress Blog Tour starts tomorrow!!!


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