I knew my children would be thrilled when I won the opportunity from MommyParties and MomSelect to host a Mega BloksĀ® Dragons Universe Party! I wasn’t 100% how to go about it, but with 3 boys and even my daughter who all love to build things, this would be a HIT!

My kids used Mega Bloks when they were younger and Dragons Universe is a bit more grown up, perfect for my bunch now.

Then there was the actual task of putting together a party, getting a group of their friends together in a very little amount of time. I’m good… but not that good, especially in this busy season of my life. Thank goodness for great friends with little boys turning 7! When my friend told me that she was planning her son’s birthday party, I quickly interrupted and asked her if I could supply the party with some serious swag in return that she have the party at her place. A pretty good deal if you ask me! She had all the clean up…. šŸ™‚

My Mega BloksĀ® Dragons Universe party kit will included:
* An array of Mega BloksĀ® Dragons Universe toys for the birthday boy and his guests:
*** (1) Ultimate Action Dragon Destroyer
*** (1) Deluxe Dual-Blast Dragon Hunter
*** (10) Assortment of Dragons Universe Eggs and Pods
* Mega BloksĀ® Dragons Universe Activities and Party Menu
* (10) Mega BloksĀ® Dragons Universe CDs – for each guest
* (10) Mega BloksĀ® 25th Anniversary Coupon and Contest cards to share with each guest
* (3) 2010 Mega BloksĀ® 2010 Catalog of Toys

Ultimate Action Dragon Destroyer

With Mega BloksĀ® Dragons Universe, Megabrands has taken classic play of man vs beast and brought it into a futuristic world designed to appeal to today’s kids. With Mega BloksĀ® Dragons Universe, boys can build a world filled with cool new technology and weapons, and create awesome battles with huge Dragons, heroic soldiers, amazing vehicles and even surprise role-play elements. And with an open-ended story line, boys can ultimately decide who will reign victorious!

I brought everything over to Jordan’s birthday party. The kids, boys and girls alike & varying in ages from 5 to 11 years of age,  all had so much fun building their Dragons Universe Eggs and Pods.

Some of the pieces were a little tricky for the youngest ones at the party. Parental help was needed a couple times for their tiny fingers, especially when snapping in the Dragon’s wings. 

The older kids made quick work of the Dragons as long as they followed their instructions.

As thanks to my friend for allowing me to infiltrate her son’s birthday party and take dozens of pictures and video all night long… I gave Jordan the Deluxe Dual-Blast Dragon Hunter.  (photo below: his older brother was a tad thrilled too!)

Deluxe Dual-Blast Dragon Hunter

His mom told me that when Jordan put it together there was 1 missing part so she called the help line. Mega Bloks was very helpful and sent her not one replacement part but 5 only a few days later. She was very impressed with their courteous customer service and quick turn around. Jordan hasn’t stopped playing with his Deluxe Dual-Blast Dragon Hunter! He loves it so much.


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  1. I am a new follower. What a smart savvy idea to do the party. Just joined your webinar, but was a tiny bit late. hanks for the information.

    (We met at #shesconnected)


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