Splatalot, filmed north of Toronto, Ontario, for YTV is a hilarious medieval-themed physical game show geared to the 8-12 year-old audience. It will air for 26 episodes and features Canada’s largest extreme obstacle course with more wipe outs and spills ever imaginable.

It’s Spring Break here in Ontario and I have other people’s children over and my two eldest are elsewhere tonight. As soon as 7pm (and another episode at 7:30pm) rolled around, I managed to sit the youngest boys down long enough to watch Splatalot with a 5 year old, a 7 yr old and an 8 yr old and my hubby of course. ALL BOYS to watch a show where kids get their butts kicked in a obstacle course game show much like the wildly popular adult game show where people wipe out. I know the Mom of one of the girls that is going to be on the show, cheer extra hard for Alex!

I’m not sure which was funnier, watching this new YTV series or watching the boy’s faces! Each of them have been acting out how the kids fell into the water. I think I have some future Splatalot contestants in the making…

Liam (8) ~ “I liked it a lot. It wasn’t really that funny but it was pretty funny. Mom can you ask them what age you have to be to go on it? I want to be on it! It’s good exercise for kids. When they had to cross the rolling spikes thing and falling.”

Jordan (7) ~ “We liked it and I want to go on it. It was funny. My favourite part when they got shot with tennis balls and really a lot when they were falling into the water.”

Jake (5) ~ “I laughed, it was super duper funny cause all the people felled into the water and shot with tennis balls and that’s about it.”

Dave (44) 🙂 ~ “The obstacle course looked really challenging. It’s similar to a kid’s version of that other wipe out game show.”

“Kids and their families will be in for a real treat with this new side-splitting series, and with over 300 contestants in the first 26 episodes, Splatalot gives our viewers a real chance to participate,” said Jocelyn Hamilton, Vice President, Programming and Production, Corus Kids. “We look forward to working with marblemedia and partnering with two other like-minded countries, the U.K. and Australia, on this fun show.”

Splatalot is brought to you by Marblemedia. You can find Splatalot on Facebook too!


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  1. I loved your kids' responses! lol

  2. watching their faces was even better, the looks of shock and surprise and excitement all rolled up into one. I should video them next time it's on!

  3. Well I love this kind of shows!

  4. Such boy answers! That's awesome! We love WipeOut! This looks like fun.

  5. I have a house full of girls, but I think their responses will be very similar to your kids!! Can't wait to watch it now:-)

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