I tweeted this photo out a little while ago, it was Sunday morning and I was still in bed. Someone responded that it was the sexiest picture they’d seen on the internet! 🙂 
So… does your hubby iron his own clothes?
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I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. ironing? what's that?


  2. Ha! My motto is to NEVER buy anything that requires ironing. Never.

  3. Love it…something my hubby would do too!

    Thanks for the linky!


  4. Really? You got him to iron? I need lessons in training the DH I think. Can't even get him to pick up his dirty socks

  5. Wow, that really is sexy! LoL!

  6. My husband wouldn't even know where to find the iron, let alone actually do the ironing! Consider yourself lucky:)

    I'm also your newest follower on GFC!:)

  7. as long as I am here, my husband will never dare touch the ironing board.


  8. My husband doesn't iron, but I rarely do as well.

  9. Now that's hot!!!
    The Epic Adventures of a Modern Mom

  10. You said it!! Nothing is quite as sexy as a man doing the ironing!

  11. a man doing ANYTHING around the house is sexy! lol

  12. I gave up ironing about 5 years ago. My least favorite chore. It took hubby about 30 minutes to iron one of his own shirts so after about 2 months of that he realized – taking his shirts in too be laundered was the way to go. Worth the $1.25 per shirt!

  13. Nope…no ironing for my hubby! And I only iron if I absolutely have to!

  14. I'm with Tara… What is this ironing you speak of?

  15. Of course he does…my kids do too!

  16. That sure is sexy, I agree!

    But like many others said, "I just don't do ironing!" I don't buy clothing that requires ironing 😉

  17. I don't buy anthing that requires ironing since I left the office job. why would a SAHM go through all that effort….to just get spit up, and messy, sticky fingers all over her wrinkle free clothes?
    But hubby does have to iron his #1 dress uniform when required.

  18. My hubby is an ironer too! Better him than me!

  19. Eeep- feel free to delete one of my links–not sure how that happened!

  20. My husband does iron his own clothing. I hate ironing!! Happy WW!! 🙂

  21. I love this, and sad to say, my hunni would rather wear wrinkly clothing than iron himself lol.


  22. Hotness!
    No one irons in this house. His shirts go to the drycleaners, and everything else is wrinkled 🙂

  23. i LOVE watching hubby iron clothes. sometimes i don't iron on purpose so i can see him ironing 🙂

  24. i forgot to add that i found you from My Organized Chaos's WW hop

  25. This is definitely a sexy picture. My hubby sometimes irons, but it's mostly me. Which means not much ironing gets done. 😉

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