BISSELL has been helping keep floors clean since 1876! I have the BISSELL ProHeat Deep Cleaner and I love it! It really comes in handy when you have four active children and light beige carpets… 🙂

Thanks to BISSELL Canada, Shasher’s Life is giving away one (1) Total Floors® Complete Vacuum to one (1) of my Canadian readers! This giveaway is valued at $169.99.

Powerful, Multi-Cyclonic vacuum with the odor elimination power of Febreze®!

  • Includes a Febreze® filter to eliminate odors and leave your home smelling fresh as you vacuum 
  • Contains brush roll switch to turn off the brush roll for safe use on hard floors. 
  • Includes TurboBrush® Tool and Long Reaching Dusting Tool 
  • Edge cleaning convenience

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I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. I hate cleaning the living room!

  2. The bedroom is my least favourite room to clean

    Anne Taylor

  3. I hate cleaning the kitchen. The kids toy room comes in at a close second.

  4. My bedroom…it is always such a disaster

  5. I hate cleaning the bathroom most and I really hate vacuuming the stairs!

  6. I dislike cleaning the bathroom the most.
    My rafflecopter name is Julie G.

  7. Our beautiful long haired cat leaves a trail behind her but the carpet is like a big lint brush for her! The basement carpet is a pain for me!

  8. I would have to say the kitchen as well. Too many things to clean in there, lol!

  9. I do not like cleaning the living room it seems never ending somedays.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  10. My golden retriever has access to all the rooms of my house and his hair is EVERYWHERE!!! My vacuum cleaner is on its last legs….I give it quite a workout so I could really use this!

  11. I dislike cleaning my bedroom the most, because it is so cluttered.

  12. The bathrooms – 2.5 of them! ICK!!

  13. The bathroom! This would be a great new thing for when I get my apartment!

  14. um… I hate cleaning every room in my house… but if I had to choose just one I would say it is a toss up between the kitchen (because it just NEVER STOPS) and the bathroom (because my sons apparently can't aim).

  15. My least favourite room to clean is the living room. It seems like every time I clean it, the mess just comes right back.


  16. the hall stairs, so messy and crumbs all in the carpet from my toddler

  17. Bathroom – Just hate dealing with all that grunge….

  18. Definitely the living room. With 3 cats and two dogs that are always in it..lots of animal hair to clean!

  19. I hate cleaning the kitchen.

  20. The bedroom – I hate getting under the beds/dressers to clean!

  21. Actually I hate cleaning the stairs.. From The entry way to the second floor..sigh

  22. I find the bedroom the hardest to clean, beds gotta be moved and I don't like it!!

  23. Hate cleaning the rec room!

  24. love cleaning the house and love to have the vacume

  25. closets hate going thru old cloths and tossing out

  26. Bedroom! My cat spends so much time in our bedroom that I have to vacuum it twice!

  27. The kitchen/living room is my fav to clean up.

  28. I hate cleaning the bathroom

  29. I hate cleaning the bathroom!

  30. My least favorite room is the living room!

  31. Lower laundry room where the cat litter box makes a huge mess! That's why it is now my daughter's chore!!

  32. I hate cleaning the kids rooms!

  33. I Hate cleaning the basement

  34. I hate cleaning the basement

  35. I hate cleaning the bathroom

  36. i hurt my back at work, i need all the tools and help i can get

  37. I dislike cleaning the kitchen and scrubbing the floors.

  38. I hate cleaning the bathroom!

  39. I don't like cleaning the bathroom.

  40. I hate cleaning the kitchen.

  41. te cleaning the bathroom in the basement!

  42. I dont like cleaning the bathroom.

  43. My least favourite room to clean is the bathroom.

    Adina H.

  44. I hate cleaning the spare bedroom. You think it would be easier, because it is an extra room. Everything gets dumped in there.
    (Debbie W)

  45. The "great" room, because it's the biggest…and it's not even that big!

  46. Least favorite room to clean – Family Room – animal hair/unpopped popcorn seeds/pieces of Nachos. Eight year old little Tasmaninan Devil. *sigh*

  47. I hate cleaning the bathroom!

    breej23 at hotmail dot com

  48. My sons room!!!!
    (Karla Sceviour)

  49. Nice need one for the new place dont have one, as im all wood floors. new place, new start with a awesome product. I was just looking at a bissell. Love fresh smelling carpets and clean looking ones at that.

  50. Least favourite would have to be the kitchen. Always so many spills and surprises

  51. the kitchen for me, there is just so much, microwaves, counters, fridges, coffee makers, sinks and the list goes on & on!!

  52. In my home, my least fave is the

    entrance way, esp, in the spring.
    doreen lamoureux

  53. The living room! Everything gathers there.

  54. My home office….its a catch all for everything and I can hardly move in here and does it ever need vacuuming!!

  55. My bedroom is my least favorite to clean right now cause my son's crib and his dresser and the change table are all in there including my bed and dresser, tv and two side tables. It 's crowded.

  56. Livingroom and diningroom…just awful sometimes lol

  57. The office and the laundry room!!! So much stuff to move around … LOL

  58. Definitely my bedroom. As I get older, the hair on my head is dropping out faster than I like. Like a Jack Russell

  59. diane welburn


  60. my living room, toys all over!

  61. Oh boy i would start with the entry way then the hallway, my two dogs
    ( 8 paws right there) three teenagers
    ( 6 feet total) in which they forget too remove their shoes grrrr.

  62. I don't like cleaning the kitchen

  63. Least favourite room to clean is the kids play room.

  64. Least favourite room to clean is the kitchen.

  65. Kitchen…the floor is ALWAYS dirty…

  66. I'd vacuum my stairs – how the heck does the cat and dog hair combine and make bunnies there?

  67. You wouldn't think 3 little dogs would create so many dust puppies…they're everywhere!

  68. I hate vacuuming my kitchen. There is always under the fridge and stove to think about – not that I do them, but I think about it….

  69. Loading/unloading dishwasher and countertops in the kitchen, wash pots/pans always seems like such a chore! Oh then there is the crumby kitchen floor!!
    ladybugcda (at) hotmail (dot) com

  70. My daughter's bedroom,It's like a twilight zone. Scary!!!

  71. Ahh I would love to win this! We have 3 cats and their fur gets everywhere!

  72. I'm not a big fan of the dining room / living room….

  73. My least favourite room to clean in my house is hands down, the bathroom. Thanks for the great giveaway and good luck to all.

  74. My least fav room to clean is the toy room!!!!!! I run a home daycare with lots of kids a hamster and a dog it can get pretty messy.

  75. My livingroom!

  76. That would have to be the bathroom. I hate the bathroom!!

  77. the master bedroom is always last

  78. The bathroom is my least favorite room

  79. I hate cleaning the bathroom! Or where ever alot of pet hair collects. ewww

  80. my least favorite room to clean in my home is the mudroom, dirt everywhere, clothes , jackets boots and packsacks everywhere! lol bissell makes it easier though!

  81. least favorite room is the bathroom

  82. Every room is my least favorite to clean in the house. Dog and cat hair everywhere and with the cyclonic vacuum I have now (special for pets) I have to empty the cup several times before I'm done the vacuuming.

  83. I hate cleaning the basement rec room…carpets galore and the doggies and hubby leave huge messes there :S

  84. I would say the storage room because that is where my cat has her litter box. Thank you very much to you Bissell for such a lovely contest…I just found you on twitter.

  85. Hate cleaning the bedrooms!!!!

  86. I do not enjoy cleaning my son's bedroom

    belinda mcnabb

  87. It is a toss up between the living room and the dining room as they are both carpeted and I run a day home which equals lots of messes!

  88. I hate cleaning the bathrooms

  89. I hate cleaning the bathrooms

  90. Feeling generous, eh? I hate cleaning the bathroom!!

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