A few weeks ago I hopped on the 5:30am GO-Train with Mom’s Musings and we headed into Toronto for a day with Proctor & Gamble.

I was very excited when I received the invitation to become a representative for P&G, after all, I have used a majority of their products for decades. So from now on, if you see a Tweet, Instagram pic or Facebook post with hashtag #PGMom, you’ll know what it’s related to.

After breakfast we listened to experts talk about Pampers {win diapers for a year here}, OralB and Tide and answer questions from the audience. We also heard from a Life Coach & Smart Cookies CEO Sandra Hanna.

In between the doctors, dentists and diaper technologists, we heard from Priscilla Lopes-Schliep {Canadian Olympic Bronze Medalist} and had a surprise meet-up with Christine Sinclair {pure Canadian Soccer awesomeness}.  I made Mom-Of-The-Year when I returned home with a signed T-Shirt and photo for my soccer-crazed daughter.

Photo Credit: Julia Gabriel

After lunch we broke up into four groups to rotate through the afternoon sessions. This allowed us to have an up-close and personal, hands-on experience with various P&G products and talk to more experts.

We had a chance to ask questions and get professional advice from P&G beauty experts Greg Wencel {CoverGirl Make-up Pro}, Justin German {Pantene Pro-V Consulting Stylist} & Luis Pacheco {Clairol Colour Expert}. CoverGirl make-up artists were on hand to provide tips and a quick makeover.

Asking advice from Justin | Photo Credit: Julia from Nugglemama

In the P&G Beauty lounge we had a chance to test out a new, not in the stores yet, CoverGirl nail polish, as soon as it hits the stores I am sooooo picking up a few bottles! This stuff was amazing and something going on my “MUST HAVE” list. While we were getting a mini-mani, we whitened our teeth with the latest Crest Whitestrips, which I already use.

CoverGirl Nail Polish on the right – one coat!

We spent 45 minutes in each area, one of which was the P&G Product Mall. They had the exterior hall all set up showing off their top-selling products. At each table an expert was present for us to ask questions of and take-in a product demo. Below is a product demo photo for Always Infinity pads, which I already use and love. 

Always Infinity Product Demo

P&G also provided a focus group for some of their laundry products as one of the sessions. They wanted to hear our thoughts on their products and we were honest.

Before this experience with P&G, the last time I’d used Tide my first-born had a severe allergic reaction, he was a toddler – he’s now 14. He looked like a burn victim, covered in a full body rash everywhere except where his diaper had covered and protected his skin. I have used the Tide Pods since returning home but not on any of Quinton’s clothing or bedding. I’m not ready to do a test-study on him…

We also talked about how to make the relationship between brand and blogger better.

Thank you Proctor and Gamble for inviting me to join you. You showed us how much thought and care you have put into your products over the last 175 years. There is a reason you made the TOP HOT JOBS list – #3!!  I’m proud to be a #PGMom.

Citizen Relations
– Optimum PR Agency you put on a fantastic day for around 40 bloggers from
all across Canada. I was very impressed from your choice of location,
your very welcoming staff, and the agenda was well thought out, it kept
us moving and interested. I loved the speakers and surprise guests and
the choices of food for breakfast, lunch and snack time and OHHH THE COFFEE WAS SO GOOOOD!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. How wonderful!! I have enjoyed many P&G products and we have many of them in our home! Looks like it was a great time 🙂

  2. You got chosen! Great job it will be a fun year with lots of goodies. I'm looking forward to the updates.

  3. It was great to finally meet you in real life 🙂

  4. It was an awesome day, which I truly enjoyed. Super fun to finally meet you in person!

  5. the whole event was so well planned and thought out right down to the pimped out bathrooms!

  6. So glad you enjoyed the event! The Optimum team is amazing! #PGemp

  7. I had an awesome time too and learned some new things. I look forward to working with a much loved company too.

  8. I have to agree; there was so much work put into that day and it really paid off!

  9. WOW, you guys looked like you had an awesome time! What a pleasure it must be to work with brands that care about what bloggers and consumers think! 🙂

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