Winter sucked us DRY but Spectro Skin Care rescued us! #GSKskin

Disclosure:  I received the product listed below free of charge in order to test it out, and if I liked it, I was free to share it with my readers on my Shasher’s Life blog. All opinions and experiences are my own and 100% real. 


Liam had baby soft skin up until he right before his 3rd birthday.

What I thought was an initial reaction to dried strawberries from a boxed cereal, stuck around and morphed into the driest, scaliest skin I’ve ever felt on a child. The skin in the crooks of his arms would be so inflamed and itchy, he’d scratch until it bled. For a full year I had to keep his arms bandaged to prevent him from clawing at his skin.

The doctor offered a steroid cream or one which could cause liver damage…

Last month an old business acquaintance suggested I try Spectro skin care on all of our “winter sucked us dry” skin. I’d heard of and frequently used Spectro Jel in the past, in fact, it was the first face wash cleanser I purchased for my teenagers. I jumped at the chance to try the moisturizer on Liam!






I was sent the following #GSKskin products to test and review:

Package on the left contained







when I switched my blog from Blogger to WordPress in 2015, half my old posts disappeared. Sorry about that, I am hoping to reconstruct this post if I can find the before and after photos of my son’s arms. It really was an amazing difference. 


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  1. Holy smokes that's amazing!! Our eldest has had skin issues since she was wee and we're always on the hunt for something to try. Thanks for sharing

    1. you're welcome! I forgot to mention, the skin on the tops of his hands is getting soft again. 🙂 it's wonderful.

  2. My daughter has severely dry skin and she itched at it sooo bad that in time it disfigured her nails as she now has the problem in her nail bed!!! She is now 24 !! Docters put her on that steroid cream but it didn't really help ice packs helped with itching its on her knees and her elbows I feel so bad that I was never able to find anything that works! I will let her know about the spectro line and try it see if it helps ! I am so glad it has helped your son!

    1. yes absolutely!! I wish I'd found this when it first started, it would have saved him from years of discomfort. I hope she finds her relief!!

  3. Poor Liam 🙁 So glad the Spectro products have helped him. That's an incredible difference! I used to use Spectro cleanser. I loved it. Not sure why I stopped using it. Thanks for the reminder! I'll have to pick some up.

    1. let me tell you, he's happy we were sent some! 🙂 a happy kid is a happy mom.

  4. wow. nice product review. i can clearly see the difference. i'm glad the little boy rescued his skin. 🙂 thanks for sharing Shash 🙂

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