Back-to-school is a bitter sweet time for many parents, educators and students alike. We all love the routine and normality of day-to-day schedules, seeing friends and being more social in general. Yet we’ll miss the relaxing long summer days and especially the sleeping-in! Many parents start off the year with great intentions (I do… each and every year!) and lots of inspiration when it comes to lunches for their kids.

Having had a break from preparing lunches over the summer, it is fresh and fun again… for a while, I realize this seldom lasts, but while we have the creativity and time, let’s look at some of the tasty options there are for making lunches and snacks for our children going back-to-school.

Below is a wonderful collection of recipes and ideas for back-to-school lunches from a bunch of Canadian bloggers, whom I am proud to call my friends. Hopefully they will give you some ideas and get you back in the lunch packing mood. Be sure to bookmark this page for later on in the year. I know myself the fun will fizzle out and my children will be requesting more than the same old lunch day after day. 🙂



This list has something for everyone no matter how picky they are! Plus, it should keep us moms inspired for a few weeks at least… 🙂

A special thanks to Tales of a Ranting Ginger for helping me with my blog this summer, she is a true friend and I appreciate her love and support daily.


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