These days, it’s costly to check in your bags when you’re flying. Who wants to pay around $25 each way for the ability to take your full-sized shampoo and conditioner? These days, I travel with a carry-on, even for a 10 day trip. Half the times I packed a full suitcase, I didn’t wear 2 of the 4 outfits… and I definitely didn’t wear those extra pair of shoes.

As a blogger who travels a fair bit, these are my 5 favourite travel items for a quick getaway. 

5 favourite travel items

As long as you’ve got your favourite essentials… you’ve got all you need. 

#1) Phone Charger – while on the road, you never know if you’ll be able to find a plug to recharge your devices. Some of the newer planes have electrical outlets but on the 14 flights I’ve been on this year so far, only 1 plane had a place I could plug in.

#2) Eye drops – there is something about the air in a plane or in a hotel that I react to. The morning after I arrive always used to result in the same response… “Are you OK Shash?” followed quickly by… “You look so tired!” when I felt just great, it was just my eyes who hated the environment I was currently in. Eye drops now go with me everywhere. 

#3) Dry Shampoo – I have very thick, very course hair. I don’t like to use a hairdryer and so must rely on time to help me dry my hair, this means I normally wash my hair the night before, before bed. Sometimes I’ve been known not to wash my hair at all on a quick business trip. Thanks to dry shampoo (Herbal Essences naked), telling you that I go days without washing my hair is no longer a gross and nasty thing. I also use it in the evening when I’m primping up my hair to go from day to night wear.

#4) Perfume Holder – I received a Travalo, a travel-sized perfume holder, at the Badly Mischka fashion show in NYC last September. It’s the easiest way to ensure I don’t suffer from the, “I’ve been travelling all day – don’t come too close – smell.” This is one of my all-time favourite swag items to date. 

#5) Good Lipstick – I can’t stress this one enough, carry a good lipstick with you everywhere you go. Not just for your lips but use it on your cheeks too. Instant revival for your face. When your face looks good, you feel good. When you feel good… traveling is much more enjoyable. Yes, I just equated a great trip with a good lipstick. It’s true.  (the one in the picture & on the video I use is Covergirl Outlast)


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