You know that feeling of “ahhhhh” when you crawl into bed and pull the sheets and covers right up to your face? It’s so warm and cozy. You can begin to feel the stress of the day just melting away. Your breathing deepens and slows down. Pure comfort.

Well, see that face? Cute right? That’s Trinity. She’s a big cuddly 85 lb. lap dog who loves to sleep in my bed.




Unfortunately, she also loves to roll around in the dirt and mud, which means that wet smelly dog is a common odour around my house. So, when I crawl into bed and take that first deep breath….YUCK. Not so comforting.

Or at least, it used to be yucky until I discovered Downy Unstopables. When I first heard about this product and the claims of long-lasting scent, I was skeptical. But a friend gave me a free sample and I had the opportunity to try it for myself.

71yIb5GxA7L._SY450_Don’t think I went easy on it either. I put it through the test with the smelliest laundry I had. The towels and cloths I use for cleaning the dog’s paws when she comes in from the backyard, the blankets and sheets she sleeps on, and my own sweaty workout clothes.

Despite everything I threw at it, Downy Unstopables lived up to all the claims.

They’re so easy to use too. Believe me, when I learn about a new product like this, my second thought (after will it work?) is just how much trouble is this going to be? I’m kind of a lazy housekeeper and chores just really aren’t my thing. I sure don’t want to add to them. But all you have to do with Unstopables is to simply toss some in with your wash. That’s it. Then you leave them to do their magic as your clothes get clean. They do all the hard work for you! You’ll notice the difference as soon as you remove them from the washer.

When I pull bed linens out of the closet to change the bed, they still smell fresh out of the dryer. Even better than that, even after nights and nights of the dog (and the two slightly less smelly cats) sleeping in the bed with me, they continue to smell like lavender and not like wet dog.

Best of all, the “Dreams” blend (my favourite) of lavender and vanilla with cedar undertones is so soothing that even after the most stressful of days, I just drift off to sleep.

That is, of course, if I can manage to curl my body up into that tiny little square of space that isn’t occupied by one of the pets.


I spend almost every Wednesday with Cyn Gagen, not only did she guest write this post, she is an amazing person and friend. We hang out and brainstorm together, work together, laugh together, and eat together and my children absolutely love her. We both have a love for community, for social media and for butterflies. You can find her on her site Creative Cynchronicity on Twitter and Facebook too.  Cyn isn’t part of the #PGMom network of bloggers (but she should be 😉 ) but I am and when she told me about how she gets rid of that wonderful wet dog smell… I asked her if she’d send me her story about her love for Downy Unstopables. Thank you Cyn, the next shipment I get… are yours!!! 


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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