I wanted to make something summery, fun, easy to make, that tastes delicious and I came across DIY chocolate sprinkle bowls and I just HAD to try my own! 

ice cream bowls9

I am a HUGE fan of chocolate so I decided to make these DIY edible chocolate bowls with lots of sprinkles! You can put yogurt, pudding, ice cream or anything you want in them. I chose ice cream because I’ve been craving it lately. 🙂
Your whole family will think you’re a dessert superstar with these beauties. 
Ice Cream Bowl RecipeWhat you’ll need:
2 packages white chocolate chips
LOTS of sprinkles (I mixed a bunch of sprinkles together to get the effect I have)
Ice cream
Parchment paper
Cookie sheet
Safety pin
Glass bowl
What you’ll do:
Step 1.
Blow up balloons no bigger than your fist (the bigger the balloon the bigger your bowl will be) and tie it with a knot.
Step 2.
Melt chocolate chips in a glass bowl in the microwave, stirring every thirty seconds until melted. 
Step 3.
Hold balloon by the knotted end and dip it into the melted chocolate until half of the balloon is covered. 
Step 4.
In a bowl with your sprinkles, dip the chocolate covered balloon until your desired effect. Sometimes it’s better to sprinkle the sprinkles on the chocolate covered ballon instead of dipping it. It gets a little messy but it’s totally worth it.
Step 5.
Have your parchment paper ready on your cookie sheet and place the sprinkled chocolate balloon on paper. Place in fridge until hardened (about 10 minutes).
Step 6.
When the chocolate has hardened take out of the fridge and pop a small hole in the balloon using a safety pin or something sharp. You may have to peel the balloon off the chocolate so make sure to do it carefully. 
Step 7.
Final step is to add whatever you want to it and voila you’re finished!!
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! 
Thanks to Caitlyn, my fantastic food contributor from Hobby Cakes, for another great recipe!! 


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  1. What a cool idea! 🙂 I really love it

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