I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. yay!!! Maybe you will talk about a 230am rambling too one day!!

  2. Your crazy girl….

    What will the neighbours say??


  3. ohhhhhhhhh so you decided to copy your baby sister did you??? I hear she has a fantastic blog!!!


    glad to see you have joined the world of the bloggers, I am here to formally welcome you and let you know of a few perks and set backs in regards to blog’s.
    perk#1 – it is SO much fun
    perk#2 – you get to meet people from around the world without haveing to get out of your chair
    perk#3 – you get to rant/rave/complain and no body interrupts you

    set back#1 – be prepared to do a lot less house work – yes it is possible to do less, one day I will post pictures of my house post-blogging era
    set back#2 – it is extremely addicting and can cause husbands to get annoyed sometimes at set back #1
    set back#2 – ummmmm ya that’s pretty much it!!

    have fun and happy blogging!!

  4. oh and if you haven’t noticed there is no spell checker on “leave your comment” so uh hem no correcting my spelling!!!

  5. ok so where is another post?????

    like I am sitting here waiting and ………. wooohhooowooo ( my attempt at whisteling)…..waiting….tap tap tap (that is my foot tapping the floor)……click click click (those are my finger nails on the table)………

    ok well I will check back later
    got to get this house clean! hubby is really cranky about setback#1 ;}

  6. I suppose if I read all your stuff and postings I will keep up with your life. Whewww . . so much ahappening all the time, where’d U get that from I wonder.
    I see LaLa loves getting into the comment column – what’s new????
    Love ya

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