My little baby is 8 1/2 months old (and 22 pounds) already! This has been quite the month for first for him (one of which is NOT sleeping through the night and not taking a bottle!).

He got his bottom two teeth a little while ago and started to bite me and yesterday his upper front teeth finally broke through the skin. He has been beside himself through all of this! He’s got red cheeks, constant drooling, and a runny nose. His finger is in his mouth non-stop.

He started crawling last week. It’s more like a scoot and drag. He looks like an inchworm! Bum goes up high and then he shoots himself forward and drags himself by his chubby little arms the rest of the way. He gets a bit frustrated as he doesn’t move very far – very fast. And with my floors not finished yet (see Feb 1st post)… it’s not the best environment for a drag crawl.

He’s also into everything, pulling at everything and picking up everything and putting it in his mouth. He found the yellow foam stuff that is in between the door jams and the wall and started breaking it off and trying to eat it. I really have to get this house finished!!


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  1. Hey Shash… I don’t see a video. He was crawling on Sunday and it was so cute.

  2. I couldn’t upload the video, it kept coming up Error.

  3. Heh Shashi,
    Oooohhh – he’s sooo cute!! Remember we’d call the kids eating things off the floor “trolling”?LOL. Just toss some food on the floor and let him at it! Of course, you know I’m kidding. Are you bringing any of the kids to the wedding?

  4. All I love when babies fall asleep in the highchair! He looks so cute with them chubby cheeks!:)

  5. ahhh so cute!! can’t wait to see him next week!!

  6. I love it when children fall asleep in high chairs. Especially when they have food all over their face.

  7. He’s so precious!!! I wish my baby (going on 21 months) would stay little!

  8. He is sooo cute and getting so big! He’s the only one of your kids I didn’t get to babysit or spend quatlity time with. Your kids are great! I miss them and you too of course!

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