Q returned from Peru and 24 hours later the two of us left for Beautiful British Columbia. I have a cousin getting married near Vancouver this week and I needed a date. Even though he was just away for 2 weeks, it was Q’s turn to join me on my annual trek home to the west coast. He was EXHAUSTED but a good trouper. My family is looking forward to hearing all about his trip to Lima!

We landed safe and sound late last night and have had fun visiting with family and eating at my parent’s restaurant, the Roadhouse Grille. As only family can when you have a family business, they’ve put Q to work in the Bake Shoppe and I’ve been answering questions about Search Engine Optimization for their property management company at Haven Properties.

Tomorrow afternoon Q and I heading out “GLAMPING” with my Mom, Dad, sister La La and her four daughters, my niece Jana and her three sons. They’re taking us to Bridal Falls for a couple of nights in two of their vintage coaches. I haven’t been to Bridal Falls since I was a kid – I’m looking forward to hanging out with family – relaxing by a camp fire and yet still sleeping in comfort. No, I’m not spoiled… I’ve just become more particular in my old age! 🙂

Have a good week everyone… I’ll try to blog but I can’t promise anything!!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. Im glad you and Q made it safely! Enjoy the glamping. That's my style! lol.

  2. I LOVE Bridal Veil Falls! SO pretty! Say hello to the Dinosaurs at Dino Town for us! LOL! Enjoy your time with Q!

  3. I used to think it wasn't camping unless I was sleeping on the dirt… but now… Glamping? Term I've never heard before, but sounds about just my speed.

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