So today after school I surprised my oldest two by having everything ready to go to the park when they got off the bus. My 3 year old did all the packing, he was so excited – he couldn’t wait for the kids to get home. He must have opened the door to check if they were there over a dozen times in one hour. Good thing the a/c wasn’t on then…

It was a semi warm day today (somewhere around 26 C) and seeing as I found out today that I only have 5 weeks left of my maternity leave…. I wanted to do something outdoors and fun right away.

We packed up chicken wings, watermelon and iced tea. Good food for a good day. The park we went to has a playground but also a water “feature”, sprays water if you wave your hand over a button. Hardly a park around here has an outdoor pool anymore.

The kids had a blast! JZ (10 months today) quickly got over his dislike for grass and even played in the cold water sprinklers. Even though we were there for only a couple of hours, they couldn’t stop saying how much fun it was. My 3 year old was so proud of himself for ‘planning’ this day!! I love these moments, to see a smile on their faces (and doesn’t cost a penny)!!

Tomorrow is going to be around 33 C….. I wonder what we’ll do???


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  1. Aaahh, those were the days…packing up Dani and going to Bear Creek Park with Tammie and Lori and their little ones, and watching them play in the water spouts and features…they grow up fast

  2. that is cool! sounds like a lot of fun! we have baseball wrap up today…………it should be fun but I the weather is lovercast and not so nice so….this humidty we are having makes me so tired! am I whining?

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