I’m weaning JZ this week. It has to be done. We leave for Hawaii in two weeks this upcoming Wednesday. My cousin (Mugwumpmom‘s older sister Waawee) arrives 2 weeks tomorrow to watch all 4 of them and she doesn’t need the extra burden of dealing with a cranking, boob-luv’n little baby boy!

Since I’m around JZ all day and all night I have found it too difficult to wean him myself. The other kids had the joy of experiencing me at work during the day for a few months first before weaning them. They all got used to just morning and evening feeds. But not JZ. He loves to eat all day and all night. Saturday night… he nursed 4 times by 4am!!

So this week I have help. I’ve enlisted my very good friend (sister-like friend) and old neighbour to take him during the days this week and next to get him used to not having me around and to get him on a bottle. (Thanks Colleen!!!!) She’s going to get him to eat more too. I hope it works and it doesn’t just make him ornery. I know that my cousin who is coming will have lots of backup help too from my church and from my family here. We have a huge support network and that makes a huge difference when raising a family!!!!!!!

It’s a bit weird just sitting here at home with only my 4 year old… Li goes on the bus in another hour then I’ll have no one with me except the man mudding the basement. My hubby went to visit an old friend in Hamilton this morning. He’ll pick JZ up on his way home this afternoon. If anyone out there has any other tips that could help me get him weaned and sleeping through the night…. please let me know?! In the meantime… in an hour… with no kids at home and no hubby either….

I think I’ll take a nap…


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  1. I was lucky (and unlucky at the same time) enough that Emily weaned herself. She went from nursing 3 times a day to no times a day and it happened on the day she started walking. It was painful for me, but she decided she didn’t want to sit still that long any more. Travis got nursed for a grand total of 5 days…he had reflux and it just didn’t work out…so I’ve only been through it once and it wasn’t of my doing. I wish I had some advice for you!! Sounds like you have a good idea with your neighbor keeping him…and what a great friend! Let us know how it works out!

  2. Happy birthday to you…sorry I seem to be a bit late…but I read that it was your birthday recently over at your sisters blog…so happy birthday!

  3. Whatever are you going to do with yourself? A whole empty house??? How nice!! I hope it goes well with JZ and the weaning. I am here to help you out too, if Colleen needs a break!!

  4. ya! that was fun times weaning! I just kept busy and them distracted and kept feeding them little bits of food all day long so they wouldn’t be too hungry and tried to be out driving at nap time so they would fall asleep in the car!

  5. JZ has been doing great today! He has had a nap and is currently playing. I will post later about his day on my blog with pictures to boot.

  6. I don’t know about that since I had ZERO success in breastfeeding – boo hoo! But I think it would be best to start him on a cup rather than a bottle since he’s a year old now? That’s always been the advice I’ve followed and had no problems. That was one of their birthday presents the day they turned a year – a cup, bye bye bottles. But that’s just some info I’m passing along – not making a judgment call…

    On another note: I thought we was blog buddies… I don’t see me in your links 🙁 boo hoo again. But you’re on mine! It’s ok. I guess people do tend to get tired of me. 🙁


  7. well, I hope it alls goes well for you! Hawaii is a nice reason to wean!!!LOL! Going to check out your flikr..has that always been there?

  8. I know how hard weaning is! Good luck to you both.

  9. you know once he weans he will sleep through the night.
    Master T. started sleeping through the night after he weaned. It will take care of it self. No worries and maybe his own bed. lol

  10. I was SO excited when this time for me because I just was not wanting to nurse anymore…he is a year old and I had him done just right as he turned one!


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  11. Hang in there with your weaning program. I remember those days… BTW, I didn’t realize you were related to Mugwumpmom! She’s a wonderful blogger and commentor. We all grew up on in B.C… small world. *-)

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