Well we didn’t get the painting done yesterday but did get a lot done in terms of shopping for a counter top and getting more ideas for paint colours in the rest of the house. The kids went off to school and JZ and Li went off to the Redheads Zoo.

This allowed my hubby and I to check out flooring at a couple places, furniture at another few different stores, counters, cupboards and everything in between. We even checked out the stove that my hubby is dreaming about…. $4,000 is the lowest price in the professional series – there’s a Thermador one that’s going for $12,000 plus taxes!!! YIKES. I told him that when he can pay cash for it – he can have it.

I didn’t like any of the granite samples around for counter tops, we may look into marble. I can dream can’t I? I am looking for a light cream colour, not solid, with a little fleck/vein of beige or brown. I guess I’m too picky. The cupboards I think I’ve settled on are a chocolate brown from Ikea. I like the colour but it may not be modern enough for the space. I’m going sleek. The flooring with be a light cream as well. We looked at everything from porceline to marble but I think we’ve settled on this stuff called Flex C-Ment. It’s stamped concrete for indoors – not just driveways anymore.

We did manage to decide on the vanity/sink for the bathroom. We ordered it from Home Hardware, it’s very modern and sleek. It is black laquered wood with a glass counter top that molds into the sink, so it’s one piece. We have to find a nice tap for it and a mirror and light and then we’re done that part of the bathroom. It’s nice to have one thing completed for the bathroom finally. We have the rain shower head for the shower but that’s about it. It will be a tiled shower with a glass door. It will be nice when it’s finished, contemporary with a Japanese twist. The toilet is sitting in the cold storage room, waiting patiently to be used.
It was a good day and we feel like we got a lot accomplished, especially without the kids having to be dragged in from store to store. Today I may try to get down to IKEA to check out the kitchen…


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  1. How fun shopping for your home! I don’t blame you for “dreaming” a little. Marble would be awesome. And that stove. Wow! Good luck. I hope God grants you all that your heart desires you faithful servants.

  2. Krista has one of those stoves in her new house up here. The previous owners husband was a chef and said the stove was $12,000.00 she loves it no kidding eh?!
    doesn’t hurt to dream!

  3. Dream baby Dream!

    Its good to Dream… Even I have started to fream more now that Jay has a job. Jay noticed and said that I am not just looking at the price tag any more. Dreaming is not only fun but good to do.

    Hope you enjoy all this dreaming… and shopping.

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