I decided to go ahead and take today off. Originally we had planned on taking yesterday and today off, driving down to West Virginia on Wednesday afternoon to my hubby’s sister’s place. We’d spend American Thanksgiving with them and then shop until we dropped today at all the mega sales they have going on today. I was hoping to get some incredible deals and start/finish our Christmas shopping in one day. The plans fell through on Tuesday (my s-i-l is up at a city close to us with her s-i-l, speaking at a conference) so I decided I might as well work yesterday. I’m not sure what we’ll do today.

There’s lots that we could do. We wanted to spend the day with the kids but they don’t want to miss school. It’s “Twin Day” – where they dress up like a friend. Em’s a little upset her friend didn’t call last night so she has no one to match. Q and his best friend have the outfits all arranged. So while they are in school I think I’ll paint their rooms. This is really the only time I can do stuff like this. We don’t really have a normal “weekend” in this home – Saturday’s are used for last minute preparations for Sunday. By Monday my hubby is ready to crash but rarely gets an opportunity to do so.

Thanks to all who called with stuff we can have and/or borrow for our kitchen and dining room. It helps us huge; takes a load of my mind too.


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  1. Its always nice having a day off from work, it feels weird to me having four days off. I havn’t been away from work this long yet, but i’m enjoying it. Have fun painting!!

  2. Woohoo…a day off. have fun painting! Twin day sounds fun.

  3. aww that’s so sad..about Emma..tell her she can be my twin at church on Sunday!

  4. I want to have a twin day! Hope you had fun out and about today. THe kids were great and Nugget had a really great time with Lili… he didn’t want him to go home this afternoon.

  5. you will have to post some pics of what the rooms looks like soon

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