The kids are so happy the snow decided to stay. Lots of the popular white stuff fell yesterday – all day long. Although it was very pretty – the roads during the day were crazy.

Jake had his first ride in a sled today. His sister took him down the hill beside our house. He had so much fun, I had to force him to come inside because his little cheeks were so bright red!

The others are all still outside – I think that makes it hour 5 or so….

Nicole at All That Sassafrass has a picture of her house in the snow on her blog and it looked so pretty – I thought I’d post one of my own. Today is a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the sky is so blue and it is only just a little cold out (it’s only -9C but feels like – 17C which isn’t too bad at this time of the year; it’s been worse!). I made my hubby get out there to play with the kids, I told him he needs to practise for his winter camping trip that he does in March of each year (he sleeps in an igloo!). The kids and daddy had to make a end of the run ramp (at the bottom of the hill) so that they didn’t go through the fence!
** update ** Em’s went to her friend’s house tonight for dinner (her friend was here overnight and all day long outside with the kids). C’s mom just called – the girls sat on the couch and within minutes were both fast asleep. 6:40pm and out for the night!! I wish it were that easy for me….


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  1. Hey, and Q was out all morning with my crew. I am getting the pics uploaded now to put on of the awesome fort they built, with the help of the neighbour!!

  2. I like how the snow looks in pictures but don’t like how cold it is. You have a perfect hill beside your house too for sledding.

  3. it looks very picturesque….how do you spell that word??

  4. My kids are at the age when snow means shovelling… and the less we have the better!


  5. What a fun blog loved the pictures, Char

  6. it looks lovely! so glad the kids had fun. Don’t you wish it just stayed off the roads though!

  7. The snow is so pretty! When it snowed here last week we stayed outside for 1-2 hours and it was about 30F and we were freezing! I can’t imagine staying out for 5 hours in -17C…my brain can’t comprehend what that cold must feel like! Sounds like the kids had a great time though!

  8. What darling kiddos and a darling home!

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