Today at church was yet again a wonderful time. I really do love my church and I’m totally in LOVE with the Pastor!! It’s ok, I’m allowed to be… 😉 He is so hot up there preaching and I love listening to him sing… I get goose bumps! (He’s been on the soup diet and has lost 7 pounds this week). K, where was I going with this!

Oh ya — My hubby’s message…

My hubby preached from Matthew 1 this morning and we all weren’t sure where he was going with it. There are a lot of “begat” and weird names ‘n all leading up to the birth of Jesus and finishing up with the visit from the Magi – which is usually relegated to a traditional Christmas story.

He wanted us to focus on a few things throughout these passages. Wasn’t it strange that Matthew mentioned 4 women in the genealogy leading up to Mary, the mother of Jesus?! We looked into the lives of the four women and found out that they were either descended as a result of a sinful act as was the case of Ruth, was a prostitute as in the case of Rehab, Tamar wasn’t any better and do we really have to discuss the adulterous lifestyle of Bathsheba?? These were Jesus’ ancestors- his family legacy.

It was more than Matthew showing us that God “stooped” to save the human race as some theologians would say. It was to show the amazing grace of our heavenly Father.

What is Grace? It is described as the unmerited (undeserving) favour of God. It has also been coined, “God’s riches at Christ’s expense”. We did nothing to deserve it.

In the geneology of Matthew 1, the writer included the good and the not-so-good to show us that He is a forgiving and generous God. He was more interested in a relationship with all His children, than a “pure” family tree. A relationship that goes beyond cultures, nationalities, or even what your past looks like. If we would receive him as our Lord and Saviour His grace is available to us today. Grace not just for salvation but for daily living. And it is something we have to extend to others!!!

John Newton was a slave ship Captain who called out to God and received God’s grace in the midst of his despair. After walking away from the slave industry He began to preach the gospel and penned the words of that famous song “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.” It’s that same amazing grace that is available to us today. No, we don’t deserve it but God freely offers it to us. Because He loves us.

Thank God for His amazing grace!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. Good word. too many today are still living under the “Law” rather than in His “Grace”. much of that is due to the home environment – the father image at home builds the image of our heavenly Father in our minds. Poor father child relationship dev.’s a poor heavenly Father relationship -. . . so forth. That is why the washing of the Word is vital to get rid of stinking thinking.

  2. Hey there… I’m not sure you were really paying attention to the message on Sunday… it sounds like the good looking pastor had you all in a fluster!
    I hope you took notes!


  3. Good post! And did you know that there is a movie coming out about the guy who wrote Amazing Grace – it may even be titled that. I heard it on one of those entertainment news shows, and I couldn’t believe my ears..and yet I thought, “Why not?” There have been some pretty strong movies released the last few years with definite Kingdom themes – why not this one! And yes…I love the way you bring the reality of ‘grace’ into the truth of the very geneology of Christ! ( And beleive me…around my neighbourhood, with hooker’s every where, every day, I’ve often thought how amazing it truly is, that one such as they, are in Christ’s direct line!) God is so, so good, isn’t he?!!

  4. great post, love hearing you preach it

  5. what an awesome message!! I’ve never heard it like that before. There’s nothing like grace is there?

  6. I laughed at your first paragraph. True story – I overheard some catholic women one time talking about “Father What-a-waste” and asking in jest if it was considered a sin to picture him wearing spandex.

    Andrew (To Love, Honor, and Dismay)

  7. This was a great post. We haven’t found a church we agree on yet – so I really appreciate these mini-sermons here!


    I “beggetting” some sleep. It’s after 2AM!

  8. Holli, where do you live maybe we have a church that is in your area??

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