I talked to Lala on the phone the other day, she still doesn’t have the internet hooked up. J had finished his second day of treatments and was already beginning to feel a change in his arms. He hasn’t been able to write or even open things like pop cans for himself. La is still on the hunt for a job, she put out a bunch of resumes this week but has yet to hear from a place. She is feeling a little bit vulnerable as she hasn’t worked for someone other than our parents since her oldest was only a few months old. Her oldest will be 13 in a couple of months…

I called my parents this morning to get an update. It’s too early for me to call her place, I don’t think she’d appreciate a call at 6:30am. My parents are up early. Usually my mom is getting ready to go running at this time of the morning but instead they are heading to the restaurant. They have 50 people coming in for a morning breakfast meeting from the Chamber of Commerce. My dad will be hosting and my mom is helping serve. They really get involved!!

Anyways… back to the update on my sister and her husband.

My mom said that they are still having problems with the modem and La still hasn’t heard from a place for employment. J was resting after day 3 of treatment. She talked with their oldest and didn’t get details, La was out at a parent/teacher meeting. I will call this afternoon and get more information for you.

Thanks for your prayers.


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