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  1. Is this a deer? Isn’t nature in it’s finest form when you can witness something like this from your own yard?!!! Wow.

    Thanks for dropping by my Wordless Wednesday

  2. It’s a fawn. The rest of the family was in the trees just beyond the open area, I couldn’t get them in the shot though.

  3. What a sweet picture! I love babies.

  4. beatiful the things u can find in your backyard………by the way this is tonya …lol

  5. Thanks for stopping by my site. I love new people and NO I did not take this picture. I would like to take the credit but I cannot do that. You on the other hand have a very nice picture. We do not have the priviledge of beautiful pictures like that here. I might see a snake but I would not take a picture. I would be too busy running!!

  6. Very sweet picture. The fawn is very nice, but I am looking at the beautiful green grass! Very Nice Indeed. Thank for visiting today and I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!!

  7. Just think – in some places “he man” would be running for the rifle while she mom is taking pictures

  8. Oh, how beautiful. I wish I would wake up with the view like that. The country side sounds more and more precious to me…Maybe, one day we will move out of the big city. Thanks for stopping by this morning.:)

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