The first couple of days in San Diego we just hung out, the two of us. We rented a red PT Cruiser for the week. We toured Old Town, drove through the Historic Gaslamp district and along the harbour and up to La Jolla along the coastline. Talk about incredible views. We also saw the tall ships and an old Aircraft carrier in the harbour in downtown San Diego. We drove over to Coronado Island and went through the oldest wooden structure hotel in North America. The lobby was gorgeous! Old wood everywhere and a giant chandelier and the original open grate elevator. You’d need some serious dough to stay here!!! Towards the end of our day we ran into another couple who lead a church an hour from our church so we took them for dinner at our favourite Chinese place in the entire world! P.F. Chang’s. If you haven’t experienced it — you must. I worked for 8 years in a Chinese restaurant and this beats anything I have ever tasted in my life – hands down! It was a great way to end the first full day in the sunshine state.

The second day we walked our socks off at Seaworld. I felt so guilty walking into there without any children. I told a family we walked in beside that if they need help… I’ll be right there!! We walked so much that my calves were so sore by the end of the Shamu show. The park was virtually empty; no lines anywhere. In the picture on the left I’m petting a Sting Ray! It was so soft and squishy – I LOVED IT – I was giggling like a kid! We took a “Behind the scenes” tour and were able to pet baby sharks and learn how they rescue and release many sea animals, then we had reserved seats for the Killer Whale show at the end of the day, which was worth the $56 US admission (per person). YIKES! It was a fun fun day. Do you see the little girl sitting there below that massive wave? She didn’t even cry… I would have screamed!! It was such a cold day too.
We didn’t make it to the Zoo, my legs couldn’t take it — there’s always next year!!

If you’re wondering about the pictures… my suitcase was delivered to my house at 3am this morning!!

YIIPPEE!! Now I can wear all my new clothes… 😉

I’ll keep posting about my trip and adding new photos each day this week.


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  1. When I am having a good time and it is something that my kids would like, I always feel guilty. And I just know how much my kids would love certain things. It looks like ya’ll had fun.

    I got to swim with sting rays 2 summers ago. It was such a blast!

  2. oh it looks like fun! I can’t wait for us to be able to take our kids somewhere neat like that!

  3. Awww it looks like you are having a GREAT time!! I’m jealous!! My kids LOVED Sea World last time we went. I remember feeling like I had been run over by a truck 12 times by the end of that day. ha!

  4. Love the photos! I went to Seaworld when I was 12 and it was so much fun! I can’t wait to share that with Sam one day. Have fun in Cali!

  5. Looks like you verified about San Diego what I already told you.

    The weather's nice, LA and Tijuana are close, and the portions are huge.

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