I’m at a loss for words. What should I write about? The family has been couped up inside the house due to the enormous amounts of snow that continues to fall. When will spring be here??!! I am so tired of the cold. My lips are so chapped and my hands have cracked enough this year!! I want warm, sunny weather — NOW!! What else is there to write about?

No funny kids stories, haven’t been to a good movie to share about, haven’t finished the books I’ve started to tell you more about them, I haven’t even been out to a good restaurant to give you a review!!

Do I put it out there that you can ask me a question and I’ll do my best to answer it? I don’t get that many comments to begin with — would anyone actually ask me something??!! Do I ask a question that will stir up a lengthy conversation and debate? I’m not an argumentative person – I like to avoid conflict as best as I can. Is there something about myself that I haven’t shared with you — I don’t think so and I am not sure that everything in my life should be revealed here anyways…

What would you like me to post on?


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. what is your view on
    once saved always saved?

  2. Question #1 – can’t answer that otherwise I’ll be burned at the steak by my other sisters…

    Question #2 – My view on this has changed over the years. I once believe that we could loose our salvation very easily and was always giving my life over to God again and again (as a teen). Always fearful that He would leave me if I messed up. When I did walk away from the church and rebelled I always felt, while living in the moment, like if I died I would go to hell. Looking back at that stage in my life, through the eyes of much more understanding and wisdom and maturity — I know He was always there. I talked to Him all the time and I could feel Him wooing me. I always longed to be with Him. I prayed in my sleep, He was in my dreams and I know now that I was always in His arms.

    Because I lived this experience I can say that my view on once saved always saved has changed and I’ve also learned that most people use this topic as a point of division in the church / body rather than an actual question of honestly wanting to know. I also know that I am glad I am not the judge – it is a heart matter to God, always has been and always will be.

    I do know that He loves us with such an intensity – more than we can ever imagine based on the hits and misses we’ve expereinced with our human relationships. He is the best Father figure we will ever have. He’s adopted us into His family. What good earthly Father do you know that abandons or unadopts his children? He’s better and more loving than any of the best earthly fathers all put together — ever.

  3. How about some baby/toddler/pre-teen pics? I’d be curious to see similarities between what you looked like at that age…and what your kids look like now.

  4. oh yah put some of your preteen pics up!! hehehaha

  5. Q #3 – I’d love to share with you photos from my childhood and that wonderful awkward moments we all have as pre-teens… but it’s all still packed away. I found one photo album but the scanner is missing the cord. And finally my dog ate my homework… I promise to post some really doozy pictures when we unpack and find all our computer cords. In the meantime… I’m sure my sister (lala) can muster up an old photo or two?!! Maybe my dad can even scan one of the photos on his wall at his office and email it to me….??!!

    I’m not shy – I’ll thrill you all when I get the chance.

  6. Are your pictures packed away in that basement room of yours???
    If so… no one hold their breathe for pictures… it’s going to be awhile….

  7. Yes Lisa, those photo albums are in the black hole below the garage!

    You’re right, it may be years before I fully see the floor of that room!!!

  8. Where did you get the nickname shasher?

  9. Question #4 – I have been called “Shashi” since I was around 11 years old or so. My oldest nephew, who was born when I was 10, couldn’t say Shannon – he called me Shashi. My entire immediate family got on board and my name was forever changed.

    In grade 12 my boyfriend’s twin sister, who is still one of my closest friends to this day, called me “Shooshi Shasher” and all sorts of strange combinations. She still calls me Shasher and Shash. My family still calls me Shashi – close to a quarter of a century later!!

  10. whose your favourite Dad?
    There’s a family here in Van where the dad built a tree house and a neighbour complained and now the dad has to tear it down and explain it to his two sons – why.
    Do you remember the tree house I built with the cable ride and early in March you actually slept in it. Then the time Uncle Cliff snuck up and touched your hand!!! scream or what.

  11. Should I be really spiritual and say God? hahaha Why it is you of course!!

    The tree fort was cool – I wish my kids could have such awesome hang-outs. Do you have any pictures? And it was my brother-in-law Cliff not my Uncle…

    That zip cord was soooo the envy of all my friends – the horses, trampoline and pool helped too…

  12. I love the question/ answer thing. Another blogger is doing that and it turned out to be very fun.

  13. Nicole, you’re not going to ask a question??

    Come on everyone – I know you’ve got something you want my opinion on. I’m a very opinionated person!! 🙂 Politics, religion, parenting, marriage, Pastoring, banking????? 😉

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