In just over a month — they will be married! This is my father-in-law and his bride to be!! I’m slowing down on the blogging lately ’cause I have a wedding and reception to decorate!! Any and all ideas are WELCOMED (in other words… I’m tapped out of creativity)!!!

In other news…. this morning my youngest, Jake, who is just over 19 months… went po*p on the toilet!!!! He came up to me and pointed to his bum and said, “Boo” and then we ran to the throne room and he did it!!!! He actually sat there and po*ped – I see the end of the diaper tunnel!!! YIPPEE!!!!

Yes, us moms do get this excited over moments like these ~ especially since we haven’t even been officially “training”!!


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  1. The wedding is really coming soon. It is awesome for both of them. Yay for the pooping on the toilet. It is funny what we get excited about now!

  2. I’m jealous of the poop thing. My two year old is just not interested. I’m hoping that this summer we can show him the peeing on trees with his brothers is fun. I know, that sounded kind of weird didn’t it?

  3. that is so great! I was so excited when I was finished with diaper bags too!

  4. That is great about your FIL and beloved. May they have a good life together!
    We’re headed that way too with my MIL.

  5. That’s great … no more diapers always gets a yipeeee! Even better is no official training.

    Nice picture of the happy couple – congrats

  6. Who made up the word poop anyways? Malachi and Kayla think it is the funniest word ever!

  7. Congratulations to them.

    That’s so cute about LiLi..I remember thinking I was older than Lori because my birhday came first (April) and her’s was in May, so yeah, if he had the birthday party tomorrow, he’d be 5 way quicker…perfectly logical! You go, Lili!!!!!!!!

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