The noses have started to run and the sneezing has begun. Hello winter, is that you?!

In my family we love to share and so when one kid brings home a cold or even the fabulous flu, they can’t help themselves… they must share it with the rest of us.

To keep the spreading of germs to a minimum, we’ve drilled a few things into the kid’s heads:

  1. WASH YOUR HANDS… A LOT!!  I know you’ve heard this one a good dozen times each and every day but in reality, we don’t wash our hands as often or as long as we should. Did you know that in a sociological study of bathroom behaviours, the majority of people only washed their hands after using the toilet and/or urinal when someone else was in the bathroom. Folks, that means if they were alone in the bathroom, they did not wash their hands.  
  2. DON’T SKIMP ON SLEEP:  Your body needs a good night’s sleep to fully recharge its immune system. Studies show we need 7-9 hours of sleep a night and depending on the age of your children, more could be needed.
  3. WET YOUR WHISTLE: Oh boy, I can hear my mother now, “How much water have you had today?” All my life, she must have said this half a dozen times a day. Yes, it’s true your body is made up of a whole lot of water and it needs to stay hydrated, but did you also know that it’s important to keep your mucous membranes in your nose and throat moist? Ever heard of the saying if a dog’s nose is wet he’s healthy… same goes for us humans. It helps keeps the germs away.
  4. HANDS OFF!  You’re not always going to be quick enough to sneeze into a clean tissue but if you train your elbow to automatically swing up and over your mouth… you’ll be doing yourself and the rest of us a HUGE favour. Also keep to touching public surfaces and doorknobs to a bare minimum. 
  5. DISINFECT ALL SURFACES AND DON’T FORGET THE DOORKNOBS!  Or the electronic devices either; keyboards, tablets, phones, game controllers, etc. Go ahead, embrace your inner germaphobe! I keep disinfectant wipes in the truck as well, I frequently wipe down the steering wheel, the inside side panels, cup holders and door handles.

K, I have to add a 6th on to this list. My mother would never let me live it down. At a very, very early age we learned to swallow a handful of Vitamin Supplements at a time. Horse pills I tell ya! Vitamin C & D are especially important as immune boosters and all around awesome healthy bonuses for your body.  You don’t get near the D your body needs in the winter time, so make a run to a health food store and ask the experts which supplements you should add to your diet.  My preference, find a Naturalpath but that’s only the personal opinion of this BC girl raised by a tree-hugging, bra-burning, granola-head. 🙂

DO YOUR VERY BEST TO STAY HEALTHY THIS WINTER!! Before you know it, winter will be over but until then… here’s a little something to keep you warm until the summer returns. 

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  1. These are great tips! My family also uses Essential oils to protect against getting sick

  2. Thank you for the reminder Shasher. I had just sat down with my glass of water to read your post.

  3. These are great tips, much better than the bubble my husband has been designing for the children

  4. I need to forward this to my husband. He is always the one getting sick around here. I just hope he doesn't pass his latest cold over to the rest of us!

  5. Great tips!! I always make sure to follow these all year long even. And I always tell people…cough into your ARM, not your hands…so you don't spread stuff around 🙂

  6. Great tips! Make sure you wash your hands for a solid 20 seconds too!

    Our house is keen on the flu shot too. Our little one has asthma so it's important for us 🙂

  7. Great tips! I have the flu right now. Wish I had of had this reminder a few days ago. I think I must have gotten it by touching something contaminated by someone else. I should remember to wash my hands more when I am in a public place touching their items/products.

  8. So I go get flu shots and mists for everyone in the family last month only to hear from my doctor today that there is a brand new flu out there that is useless to the shot I just got! Apparently it's EVERYWHERE and I don't have an immune system (I have to get plasma infused every four weeks) so I'm naturally terrified to leave the house. Thanks for the helpful tips!

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