My little Li Li is 4 1/2 years old and he wants to be big so bad!!! This week he’s been asking to be 5 every day. He thinks if he has a birthday party right now he’ll be 5 and then the world will be right!! Last night he made his list of friends he wants to invite to his party. This morning he’s at it again to the point he’s crying that he can’t grow up faster.

He wouldn’t get himself dressed, I kept telling him that he’s a big boy and he needs to do this — “When I’m 5 mommy, I’ll dress myself”. That’s his answer for everything right now. “First things first!” he says to me today… how do you respond to that???I told him we’ll have sleep-over night with his friends and he said, “they have to bring H*t Whee)s presents.” He wants a “real” party… NOW!! I don’t know how he’s going to be able to wait until September….


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  1. That’s what C wanted to talk about on the way home last night. “Li Li invited me to his birthday sleepover. Can I go…can I go…can I go!” I said to hubby… this could be a long 6 months. He was so cute last night…telling her what kind of present she had to bring.

  2. you could do a half birthday party.
    His friends bring him half presents, loke half a bar, or half a container of playdough. It could be fun, doesn’t cost other parents the expense of a regular present. Or do a toy swap kids bring a toy that they no longer play with, but in good condition still.
    Have fun in the waiting game

  3. awww…. atleast he’s not screaming “I’M GONNA DO IT! BY! MYSELF!” like a certain un-named 3 year old girl in my home.
    Half birthdays sound great with the toy swap idea!

  4. Kayla is obsessed with being bigger too. When she turned 5 this past January, she said “mom, you said I would be bigger but I am not bigger today”. You won’t hear the end of this I am afraid!

  5. What a cute little guy you have. Hey my birthday is in September too…but I can wait…I’ll turn 46.

    Half birthday party sounds like fun and you can do a white elephant gift exchange and everyone gets something to take home. (You know set a price limit and have everyone pick a “surprise” gift)

  6. ok he really is one of the cutest little boys in the world…oops scratch that make that big boy in the world….first things first…he cracks me up!

  7. The only problem with having a party now, even a half one, is when his real birthday come, he won’t understand and he will be turning ‘6’. Ask me how I know this;-)

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