My parents leave this morning for China. They are going to Beijing for a mission’s trip for the next two weeks.

They head up an non-profit organization called, “Help Ministries International” a subsidiary of Help Ministries, Inc. This is their first trip to Asia on “business”, they were in Singapore for pleasure a couple years ago and my Mom visited me while I was living in Japan 15 years ago. They’ve spent the last 15+ years making trips back and forth to Romania. There, they’ve helped establish a Christian Radio Station, an art school and helped many many orphanages and hospitals.

This trip will be different. China just passed a new law… Church meetings can occur and they can bring in Bibles and ministry material but… they cannot exceed 20 people maximum in each meeting. No more than 20 people at one time can be in the same space at the same time!!! Otherwise it must be registered with the government and they do not want that.

Have a great time you two!!!

**UPDATE: I talked to my Mom before they took off for the Airport. After teaching / ministering… they’ll be visiting the Great Wall of China!! And other really cool places to see… Next time we’ll be going with them!!**


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  1. alright that is awesome and they are great people I know that what they are starting in china will flourish into an amazing testimony and the lives that they touch will never be the same again

    by the way I also checked the church website out and it looks so good and nice

  2. hey
    writing this from work!!! so far so good, I really like it here, totally at peace which is totally opostite from what I felt at the job I turned down! so great to know this is where I am supposed to be!
    mom wanted me to call her before they left but I can’t call from here! ahhhhh I am so jealous and so happy for them, talk about dreams coming true for them!

  3. Can I say I am jealous!
    They’ll have to show us pics next time they come down to visit!

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