My Dad has been able to write almost everyday about what they’ve been doing, seeing and speaking about while in various areas of China over the last couple of weeks. Most of the emails are very crypt, using initials and substitute words. They are still not sure how much they can talk about Christian stuff out loud. They come home tomorrow and I know they’ll have lots of pictures and stories to share. I’m sure then my Dad (papa) will start his own blog. They’ll be out at my church in person on April 29th so we’ll get to hear some of the stories first-hand.

They’ve been to some very remote places where they were the very first “white” people the village had ever seen. To get to those villages my Dad said it was like being on a roller coaster – with a crazy driver at the wheel. It was way worse than any crazy driver from the many times they’ve been into Romania.

They’ve experienced many a night on a hard bed, blinding dust storms (that last a month at a time there), questionable food, beautiful historical sites and many, many, very nice and polite people who are eager to listen and just be around the visitors, many come up to them to practice their English.

The most interesting site for my Dad, I’m sure, was a plaque they found in Xian. Many Chinese dismiss the message of the “Good News” and here is one reason why, a snippet from my Dad’s email, “He thinks the Good News is a Western News. That is when we share that the news originated from the land of Israel so if he figured it was a foreign message then it is a foreign message to the west as well. In addition I have the rubbing from the Plaque that was inscribed in 635 AD found in the Xian area. This was proof that the Good News came to China more than a thousand years before it reached the West.”

The husband was still sceptical but his wife accepted the Lord. They were going to spend the next day with him as he was going to drive them to the airport, my dad said, “we have an hour with him tomorrow, that should be enough time…”.
I am looking forward to hearing more about their trip. I know that they want to take more people with them next year. My hubby and I will be one of those couples – I will spread the word within our church group as well – get a big team together. Time to start praying for the means and the way to go!! Our oldest son is getting old enough to start taking him along with us. I know that my hubby and Q are trying to get into Brazil this July for a two week church conference and outreach time, if not this year – than maybe next. Next summer our church will be sending a few of our youth to Africa to work with some of the churches we relate to there, this is the year of “Get Prepared“!!! (spoken over us – our church – many times at the beginning of this year)
Go and preach the Gospel of the Good News to every Nation!! That’s a mandate for every single person on this Earth. Nothing should get in the way – it is His will!! We need to make sure that our finances line up with His Word, our emotions, our mind, our will as well — that nothing gets in the way.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog…and wow what an awesoem enjoyable read in yours!!

    P x

  2. I didn’t know that there were worst drivers than what we experienced in Romania. 🙂

    I can’t wait to hear their stories and see their pictures. I love travelling and I would love to visit more countries that are different from ours.

  3. Yes- wow. And that would be so cool if your Dad starts a blog, too. What amazing things he’ll have to tell!!


  4. It is amazing how everything, all our needs, fall into place if we just serve the Lord. You are a wonderful testament of that!

  5. so proud of them and can’t wait to see all the pictures!

  6. I can’t wait to hear their stories too!

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