Sunday morning we woke up bright and early – being 3 hours ahead in your head and body when you’re actually 3 hours behind… SUCKS! Jake was up e-a-r-l-y. Finally when the rest of the crew decided to wake up – we chose to spend the day taking it easy. I did bring church clothes. I’m always prepared like that. I like visiting new churches – checking them out and seeing what they’re doing in their community and collecting bulletins… small compulsion k?!

My sister and her hubby haven’t found a church where they feel like it is home yet. They’ve tried a few places out but nothing so far – in a town of only 81,000 people… I think they’re going to run out of options soon. (Anyone with NCMI or NSC wanna church plant?) They were spoiled by the last church they were at on the coast… HI PAM!!! Once you’ve found “it” – it’s hard to go anywhere else. I have a whole preach about this and why people should stay where they’re planted… but back to my day.

We sat on their front porch and drank giant cups of strong coffee with real coffee cream in it. YUMMY! Of course the porch is screened in! Have I told you about the bugs??!! The mosquitoes are a plenty up here. You should see the size of the bug torch type candles by the front and the back door!! The bug zapper is fun to watch too… We sat there listening to the quite and to the birds, it was so peaceful. They are really remote and further from the town centre than I had imagined. If you forget a bag of milk… grab the cow from next door ’cause you ain’t driving back! 🙂

Just before noon we finally all piled in my parents RV and La La and J hopped into their 1967 Chevelle and we all headed downtown for an old car show. At least 4 blocks in each direction were blocked off for this. It was a beautiful day for it. I saw lots of my favourite car in the whole wide world – a 1967 Mustang – convertible – in candy apple red! Sweet!! As we were walking the streets my dad was telling us of all the cars my mom has had. She was a collector of cool cars before the kids were born!!! I’ll have to get the official list for you — you’d be impressed!

It’s been a good couple of days up here so far – seeing La La in her new environment – getting a better understanding of what she’s been going through and experienced since they moved up here last September and since J’s diagnosis of CIDP in December.

You can only live through pictures for so long!

Today La is at work and J is off doing some landscaping. I’m sitting here in her kitchen drinking coffee and updating you. We have Faith and Hailey with us today – it keeps Jake nicely occupied! 🙂 My Dad is planning on making the girls a zip line today – we always had the coolest play equipment growing up!! He was a cool Dad and an even cooler Papa!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. LOL! I wondered why I had so many comments today!
    I was talking to Bev and we think we should definetly pick a restaurant beforehand- maybe we will need reservations. I don’t know Toronto well hopefully something close to the concert.
    I am addicted to Nintendo Wii and yeah we will have you guys over for dinner sometime and the whole family can enjoy it.
    Do you and Dave want to drive and we all pitch in for gas and parking?

  2. Glad you are enjoying your visit. If you get the chance head up to the Hoof and visit the Waa Kee L Farm…oh, I wish I was up there!

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