Thirteen Random Things about Shannon
1…. Yes! I used my real name… all gasp for air! Are you still with me??
2. I’ve been leery about how much information to post on the web – there are some weird people out there!! I’m not one to post stuff that requires “TMI” next to it but pictures of my kids or real names or hints as to the city I live in… what is safe and what is not?
3. I have been blogging for a couple months and still can’t figure out how to put things in the side bars i.e. blogs I read etc. – even though I’ve been told over and over again. I’m not sure I will ever grasp beyond posting an entry and reading a comment.
4. In reading my previous posts – it seems I only talk about my children or my church – is there more to me than that?? I hear the theme song to CSI (the original!!) playing in my head, “Who are you, who who, who who?” I really want to know. That song btw, was in my head through my entire delivery of my third child, who was born on my 30th birthday, three years ago.
5. Has anybody had a childhood friend or high school sweetheart find you through Googling you? Have you googled someone?? I’ve been trying to find some old girl-friends but I only know their madien name…
6. I find myself thinking about my 13 Thursday all week long. Am I alone in this or do I need therapy?
7. All the accicents I’ve been in, whether they were on horseback or in a car, where all in front of people I was trying to impress! I was thrown twice by my horse, Shadrach (Shad), when I was 15 while trying to show off for a boy…
8. In less than a month I will have been married 10 years and since then we’ve owned 3 houses (not all at once), had 4 children, moved the church to 3 different locations (within in the same city), had 1 chameleon, 1 puppy, many gold fish, had 4 vehicles and travelled on an airplane more than 25 or so times (double that if you count coming back on it).
9. My hubby hates that I’m a night owl and tries to kick me off the computer if my typing wakes him up. It was his idea to put the computer in the bedroom!! How do you type softly?
10. My hubby’s name is Dave and he will be 40 next January!!!
11. I gained 50 pounds with each pregnancy and lost it all (that’s 200 pounds in 7 years) – my hubby gained 25 with our first baby and hasn’t lost it yet!! (no I’m not trying to get back at him for telling me to come to bed…)
12. We live in a new house behind a swamp – I mean “Protected Wet Land” and from about 1 am for the past couple of weeks the stupid – I mean God’s wonderful creation – Canadian Geese are making the loudest noises, I think it’s mating season!!
13. This 13 will have to do until May, I’m on holidays as of tomorrow. We’re heading south – I have a hankering to become a Mountain Momma!! Can you guess where we’re going?

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I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. You’re not alone, I start planning my TT on Monday or so. 13 things to come up with can be a lot and I don’t want it to be late Wed night stuck on number 8.

    But, maybe we both just need therapy. πŸ™‚

    My TT is up now. Happy Thursday!

  2. I LOVE Thursday soley because of T13!

    Happy Thursday!
    My 13 are up.

  3. I’ve googled with no results, but I’ve also been googled and been subject to the obsessed old girlfriend of my husband of 17 years! Sometimes I wish my name didn’t come up in the results! LOL

    I’m a last minute 13’er. I always pull it out of my head late Wednesday or first thing Thursday morning.

    Blogger makes it pretty difficult to add things indeed. It would be easier to add a link in WordPress or any other platform because there’s an admin panel and “add link” page, it’s very easy. Blogger? Bah. You have to really get to know the code, and read it, and understand it. Between the two body tags is your blog. Between other tags are your posts, comments and sidebar. That’s where you need to look, to find what is currently there, see how a link is written, and modify what exists. You definitely learn a lot in the process!

    Happy Thursday!

  4. I actually had someone google me from my high school and find me just this week. Maybe there was a reason I was hiding. πŸ˜‰

    My list is up

  5. I enjoyed your 13. I’m a night-owl too, and used to get yelled out for typing too loudly. Now I try not to blog in bed!

  6. Well Hello My fellow shannon!:)
    I don’t think anybody is going to try and find my family by posting pictures and names. My daughter asked if she could start a blog?! I said,”nooooo” Now that is when I think the pervs come lerking when its the kid themselves! I met my hubby online I guess that is why I trust doing it! Do you know my exact address from what I post I hope nobody does? My TT are up!

  7. I know where you’re going…I know where you’re going…(with a nanananabooboo tune).

    I too think about my TT. I am stuck today though, was kinda busy this week. I dreamed about it once!! Where would this therapy take place? If it was a gorgeous retreat from the kids I am in!!

  8. #9 lol.. You just can’t type softly, it’s impossible. I’m not that bad actually but whenever I go to my moms house she punches her keyboard with fingers. It even annoys ME! no wonder my dad left!

  9. that was a fun TT!!! call me before you go!!

  10. TT is all consuming, but then I’m mad when I don’t come up with a list I like. have a fun trip.

  11. I start thinking of what to write earlier in the week, but I should write things down cause then I forget and I scramble for something!

    You’ve had a busy 10 years!!

    My 13 are up!

  12. THANKS TO RUTH FOR ADDING MY BLOGROLL – I could NOT figure it out, it was driving me CRAZY.

    Thanks thanks thanks

  13. I’ve been married 10 years too, and I’m a night owl. My hubby could sleep through anything though LOL

    If you need help with your sidebar when you return, just let me know πŸ™‚

  14. Have you tried for finding old friends?

  15. I think my blogging is therapy for me…gives an outlet.
    I haven’t googled to find an old friend – maybe I should.Not sure where you go for your holiday, but I hope you and yours have a great time.

  16. I tend to just sit and let teh TT appear…that probably explains a lot… :o)

  17. Have a great vacation.

    I think about my 13 a lot! I think too much sometimes…

  18. Great list! I LOVE reading everyone’s lists. They are so revealing sometimes. πŸ™‚

  19. I did my first TT even thought its a little late. It took me forever to figure out how it works. I do not have a lot of computer smarts with html codes etc.

    I’m a night owl to I would always be the last one to fall asleep at any sleep over. I’m usually up watching tv till late since we don’t have the net at home.

  20. Good list, lot’s of stuff to know about you… but not too much information by far. πŸ™‚

    My TT is up at

  21. Great TT πŸ™‚

    V a c a t i o n… sounds really WONDERFUL… Have a nice time!

    Thank god, we’re BOTH hammering the keyboard in the bedroom at nights πŸ˜‰

    My TT is just strange πŸ˜‰

  22. just stopping in to apply a tag… πŸ™‚ this is so much fun! lol

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