It is July 1st – Canada Day!! I do love this day – I love Canada – I love being a Canadian. I am proud to be where I’m from and I wish more of us were not as “humble” and shout it from the roof tops and display our Canadian flags on our front porches like our brothers to the South of us. But that’s not why I’m blogging today.

I’ve been back from BC for a week now and I haven’t posted anything since my surprise visit to my sister’s place. Coming home from a vacation – have you ever felt like you needed a vacation from your vacation? I had a pretty easy time out there but spent a lot of time on the road and travelling with a nearly 2 year old can be trying at times to say the least. But here I am… I did survive the journey home!

Although at one moment I wasn’t sure I’d be getting home… we sat on the plane for a few minutes after our departure time – the head stewardess – cabin manager person or whatever the PC term is these days.. says… we seem to be missing our Captain – when we find them we will let you know. Then the electricity cut out and then we found our pilots and then they said that we weren’t going anywhere until the massive “red alert” lighting storm that was hovering directly over the airport had passed. Yah, that’s always a good sign! Well… actually the rest of the flight was fine except that Jake didn’t fall asleep until the pilot came on and said that we’d be starting our decent. Yah – real enjoyable at midnight with a hyper nearly 2 year old in a closed, confined space…. 🙂

I landed a wee later than scheduled – crawling into bed at 2:30am Monday morning – and not falling asleep until after 4am and then crawling a few hours later to go to work. I have been awake – wide awake until well after 2am for the past week. I hate time zones!!! It hasn’t made getting up in the morning very fun.

Tuesday night a bunch of my friends and my hubby and I headed into the big big City to see Soul2Soul II with Faith Hill and Tim McGraw in concert. Which was fabulous of course!!! The stage and the lighting were incredible, Faith’s voice was divine and Tim wasn’t too bad himself. 🙂 We were sitting pretty high up in the balcony so at times it was hard to hear the words clearly but that’s the ACC for ya!!

Thursday night a bunch of my lady friends and I hit the little town we live in. We went to see Evan Almighty first which was AWESOME – LOVED IT! Would show it in church. Then we went out for coffee. My hubby phones me and asks if everything is OK, of course I am – I don’t have a curfew do I?! Being a smartypants – I know!! I looked at the clock on the phone as I’m closing it…. it is 12:50am. Of course we sat and chatted some more and I crawled into bed at 2am… see a pattern here!

And now it’s almost 1am and I’m still being a silly girl and not getting used to the eastern time zone I live in…

Enjoy the long weekend everyone and have fun enjoying Canada’s birthday!!!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. Happy Birthday CANANA! I love Canada Day but I don’t like all the people that come out to fill the parks for the day, I used to but then I had kids and they like to run…need I say more. I love the fireworks at the end of the evening. Maybe we will have to find some place to go for the afternoon/evening.
    Movie was great! I honestly didn’t think it would be but was surprised as to how much I was laughing.K leaving now…see ya soon 🙂



    loved Evan Almighty too, I think everyone should see it!! what a message!!

    hope you got today off!

  3. ME CANADIAN TOO!! Did you do fireworks, and hotdogs and all that? J and I went down to the fireworks.

    Yesterday morning in church one we had a wonderful long prayer time for Canada. One of the speakers reminded us that our founding fathers officially named our nation the “Dominion of Canada”, from Psalm something or other (I wrote it down but am too lazy to go get it so you’ll have to look up, preacher’s wife) The psalm talks about how God has dominion over the land from sea to sea and to the northernmost point, and Canada is the only nation on the planet that has two seas on both sides PLUS reachs the north pole…we are also the only dominion on Earth. England is a kingdom, the US is a republic, as was the Roman empire, but Canada is a dominion! We are God’s dominion and my prayer is that He will establish His kingdom in this, His dominion!
    Happy Birthday, Dominion of Canada

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