That “song” has been stuck in my head for over a week now (I had to change the title of this post, too many weird lurkers, yuck!). Some stupid commercial started the whole thing – at least “hands in my pocket” has stopped!! So I’ve been working around the house singing my new found tune – my hubby thinks it has a whole other meaning!

We’ve managed to get a lot of work done in the basement, no the saga of our build isn’t over yet. It is close but not quite there. Soon I’m told… We are living in our portion of this house now. Dad and his new wife are all cozy in their place – they are only interupted by the occasional trip to use their dishwasher (as I still don’t have a kitchen sink and no the laundry tub in the furnace room does not count!) and of course when Jake goes down their hall for a little visit with Gumpa.

This week – I’m told – the plumber is coming to hook up the kitchen sink. He came last week but we had forgotten to purchase the faucet in advance. Who woulda thunk that woulda been important?!! The stove is sitting in my kitchen – it just needs to be hooked up. We’re still waiting on our tax return so as soon as it arrives we’ll be ordering our carpet. YEAH – no more particle board flooring for me!!!

Here are a ew pictures of the place in motion.
Do you like my Torlys Coffee Bean Cork flooring?? It’s beautiful and my hubby installed it all on his own.
So maybe it does feel a bit like camping inside my own house but soon it will be done and I will have more company over and entertain like I used to and maybe it will start to feel like home… a girl can dream can’t she?! 🙂
If anyone knows of a good dining room table… I gave my last one away and I know my table is really “special” but it’s time for one that fits my entire family. There are the 6 of us and 3 international students trying to eat around that one!! Cozy!!


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  1. Nice. Hubby would like cork flooring in our kitchen. He thinks tile is too noisy and hard on his feet.

  2. I love your espresso floors.

  3. you’d think our childhood of living in unfinished houses would have taught you!!!!

    glad you are on your way to having it done!

  4. hey – we got them done in time to sell them – except the farm.

  5. Zehrs just introduced a really nice dark big table and some chairs- good price if you are just looking for something that looks nice that will take you through the next 5 years
    I say boom shacka lacka all the time and Vince also thinks it means something else! LOL

  6. LOL Jay was singing that in his sleep last night.

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