We, in Ontario, have had an incredible summer with regards to the weather. I know the farmers aren’t happy, we haven’t had much rain at all. The sun has been out and the temperatures soared. For anybody who had pools in their backyards… they were well used!

This weekend marks the beginning of fall and it has been an incredible start. Outside my window I can see the leaves starting to turn colour but it is still warm as if summer doesn’t want to leave. I am enjoying every minute of it for I know that soon winter will be here and we, here in Ontario, have incredibly looooong winters. It’s even snowed into the end of May! This is the time of year that I long for the West Coast. Where people are out walking the seashore and sitting outside in cafes in as early as February. When my hubby and I were dating (telephone dated, we lived 5,000 klm away from each other) I remember telling him that I’d follow him to Siberia to be with him… little did I know then that I was really talking about Ontario!! 🙂

I’ll recharge my batteries and take some pictures of the forest behind our house so you can see why I do enjoy the beginning of fall. The reds, golds, and bright oranges. It really is amazing.

On an update to my friend from LA… he passed away on Wednesday night. It is incredibly sad and I know it wasn’t “God’s will” or “his time to go”. We live in a sin filled world where disease and sickness runs ram shot over it. I know God will comfort his family – his wife and 3 young children. He was a generous and kind man and wonderful teacher of the Word. Southlands Church in Walnut, California could also use your prayers as they prepare for his memorial and try to find comfort in this terrible loss.

Thanks my friends.

Now go out, find someone to hug – encourage – witness to and bless – and enjoy every single day and live it to the fullest!!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. hey babe, found your notebook, mail me your address and I will mail it off to you!
    totally agree that we should cherish every day and live it up! hope you are having a good weekend 🙂

  2. Hey Girl…can you pop over and read my blog – there’s a post on it you might finding interesting! If you get this before Sunday afternoon, you might even want to send an email.

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