I spent my birthday weekend (September 16th) in the US and shopped until my feet couldn’t take it anymore. What started out as multiple cars going down ended up with just 4 of us which as it worked out… a perfect mix. We left Friday right after work and headed out on the highway — only to get stuck in traffic. Who woulda thunk that there’d be other vehicles trying to leave the city for the weekend??!!

We managed to clear the border in no time and we sailed through New York State, Pennsylvania and into West Virginia shortly after midnight. Just enough time to catch a few zzzz’s before hitting the sales. We stayed the weekend at my sister-in-law’s place and it was a wonderful but short visit, I just wish she could have joined us at the mall but the girl is BUSY!! Thanks for everything Gwen!!

Overall… it was a great time away with friends. A fun way to celebrate my birthday!!

But upon returning from my retail therapy… it’s been a hard week and it’s only Tuesday.

Tomorrow we have a funeral to attend for a friend of my hubby’s. She was only 41. Six months ago she was diagnosed with cancer and now she is gone. Then after work today we got an email that another friend of ours (in LA) is in critical condition. He walked into the hospital on Sunday night, not feeling good. Then soon found out that he has Leukemia and his brain was bleeding. As of a couple of hours ago… they were deciding on whether to take him off life support or not. We sit and await the news. I’m glad I have the day off tomorrow from the credit union but church work must go on…

I’d appreciate it if everyone would pray, thanks my friends!


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  1. Oh my! I will pray.

    If you need my husband to make a visit to that friend, please let me know – we are in north L.A.

  2. Shopping trip sounded like fun…maybe next time I’ll go.

  3. Sounds like a trip every girl wants to take. Shop shop shop then drop. We are in Juneau Alaska right now and the girls – Elaine, Sue and Mom are doing their fill of shopping. It is the last cruise of the season so everything on board and at the ports are for sale – 50 to 80% the high marked up original price.
    When I get home will blog the trip. love Dad

  4. I hope things are getting better now…have a great weekend
    love you

  5. I’m sorry to hear about your friends. What a difficult time. Praying for you and your friend who is ill.

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