I’ll be out of the country for nearly a month and for the next week I’ll be getting ready for that wonderful trip, so I’ll be signing off for a bit.

Next week I leave for L.A. with 5 teenagers and a few moms. At first I was simply escorting them to California for a weekend training time and then seeing them off as they flew to South Africa on a mission’s trip. Now I’ll be joining them. My hubby made arrangements and is sending me and is staying behind with our 4 young children for the 3 weeks we’ll be on the continent of Africa.

What we are looking to do there that’s a little different than previous trips is intentionally visit HIV/AIDS effected people from every age group. This is really exciting as it should truly provide a whole perspective of what HIV/AIDS has done and is doing to Africa.

If your eyes and ears are open, you’ve heard a lot of talk recently about helping AIDS victims. From Bono (U2), Bill Hybles, Dave Matthews, GAP, Oprah, American Idol, etc… there is a lot of talk out there about this epidemic. How many of the people you know have an opportunity to go and physically make a difference? Not many, I’m guessing. This truly is a pivotal time in history for HIV/AIDS. Over the past couple of years enormous pressure has suddenly come from the pop-culture for governments to get involved and send aide to Africa. Also, the Church in North America seems to be finally waking up to the revelation that this is the “leprosy” of today and Jesus has called us to (Matthew 8:3, 10:8, Luke 17:12,etc…).We’ll be spending some of our time working HERE, at the Ithemba Lethu (“I have a destiny”) Orphanage. It is run by one of the churches that we will be working out of while in Durban, this church is part of the same international apostolic/prophetic team that my church is a part of.

It will be an exciting time. Keep us in your prayers. A few days shy of 4 weeks is a long time to be away from home! I’ll see you after July 22nd.


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. Hey shash, do you have time to meet for coffee when you are in LA? PM me your schedule when you get a chance. 🙂

  2. Would be email me? I am suppose to be going on a mission to SOuth Africa in Decmber and would love to have another mom give me tips on how to follow what God has placed on my heart to what my fears are, anyways here is my email…teabo5@comcast.net also try http://www.theteabotribe.blogspot.com

  3. Just a suggestion: In the future when you take time away from your blog, maybe you could post the date upon which you will return? I enjoy reading your postings, but find it inefficient to keep visiting your site when you are away.

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