Wow! What a weekend, I am still recovering. My Ma and La went home today ~ they were only here for a short time. I am glad I got to spend the weekend with them. My little sis made me proud. She’s grown up so much and she taught me a lot this weekend.

So… let’s talk about what went on… We made it up to the retreat centre around 9pm on Friday, got the keys to our rooms and settled in. (We slept in a different area than I thought we would, instead of downstairs below our meeting room we were across the parking lot and up a little hill. The rooms were double the size though! Some of the rooms were even adjoined so it was like a big hotel suite.) It was a very low key – relaxing evening, a few switched rooms (which I knew would happen, it worked out great), some went to bed early and a bunch hung out around the fireplace and got to know one another.

We were all up early on Saturday, breakfast was served at 8am. Coffee was the first thing I ordered!!! After a great meal (it was better in the summer but I didn’t have to cook so I was happy anyways) we met together for our first meeting. My sis La shared her testimony. We all laughed and cried. It was amazing. I’m sure she’ll share a bit of it on her blog when she gets home. She then spent the afternoon praying with some of the ladies. She was an encouragement and a blessing. Thanks La!!

I spoke on Saturday afternoon, right before dinner. God had me up until 2am as I sat in my bathroom on the floor. “Gift” kept going through my head all Friday night. “Come prepared ready to give” and “Be a gift”. God is a giver and being created in His image requires us to give like He does. Not only is being generous a part of His nature but it needs to part of ours. We’re not just talking giving money either. What is in us to give?

The amazing thing about this weekend is the amount of people that showed up prepared to give ~ prepared to be blessings to others and it wasn’t just a leader coming prepared to bless either.

(Actually, the giving really began way before we even got up there. A lot of ladies were “sent” to go, more money came in to bless others to go than ever before. It set the tone for the weekend…)

When we got up there the giving continued, some ladies showed up with presents for the other ladies, gift bags and treats. Some came ready to serve – literally! One brought her stuff to give us gals facials, hair treatments and hand wax wraps! One brought her stuff to give the ladies reflexology treatments! Little gifts abounded everywhere!!

On Sunday morning we ate breakie then met by the fireplace for church. We sang our hearts out, it was so sweet and wonderful and totally awesome!! Thanks H.S. for being there and speaking through your gals. A few shared testimonies and Rub’s shared her message that she had prepared before coming up. It was on…. Spiritual Gifts God gives us. How cool eh?! Recognizing your gifts and walking in them. She didn’t get a chance to finish up so she’ll continue at another meeting.

I could go on and on and on but I want others that went to share their view of what went on. So… ladies! What did you get out of the weekend?


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  1. Hey Shash,

    I totally loved the weekend. I had gone up there with the expectation that it was going to be like summer camp…if you know what I mean. Everyone is going to cry and those who do will get the attention then we will all come home and it will be gone…

    That is what camp was like for me, or at least what I saw of it..

    That was the wrong way for me to go up. I spent a lot of time in my own world, place, thinking about things and attitudes… I was brought to a place, because of the ladies there who shared, where I can now really see who I am.

    I had mentioned earlier as well that it was also like last time we went away was a family get together and this time our family was greatly expanded. Next year (there will be a next year…right?) we will invite more ladies, get and give more encouragement and come home with an even greater family!!

    Overall, I had a blast. I enjoyed the practicals of getting to know people that I didn’t know, spending time alone with God, praying, singing (whether it was out loud or in my head!) and enjoying the food that we didn’t have to make.

    I wouldn’t have given it up for anything!!

    Thanks so much for planning this weekend. It was such a blessing to myself and many others and you are going to be richly blessed in return!!

    Love you!!

  2. Hi S,

    Thank you so much for organizing this event. It was a fabulous weekend. It was good to see everyone getting something out of it. You indeed have a shepherd’s heart. I am so thankful that you are there for D to encourage him to venture where he has not gone before :-)).

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