I just got off the phone with my 6 year olds teacher. He’s declining in school. He’s not paying attention, not doing his class work, not doing his homework, not listening, etc. Today she took a desk and had to put it behind her desk so he could work without any distraction, not being able to see any other students in the room.  

She wants me to get his ears and eyes checked out and asked us how our relationship is, if there were any changes in the home lately. She said he was improving but has been nose diving the past little while and is concerned enough to have asked other teachers to observe and comment on him. She wants these tests done right away to rule them off the “check list”. 
I know what test she’s going to ask for next…. he does not have ADD or ADHD. It’s not that I don’t want to label my son or speak something into existence. I watch him. I know him. He chooses with whom he pays attention. He chooses who he wants to listen to. He chooses to do what he wants to do. 
Any ideas on some learning/teaching tips to help him out?


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  1. yes but I have to run out the door so I will write something later…I know you LOVE all my wisdom 🙂

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