I’m sipping my coffee and enjoying the morning, I’m still in my jammies and housecoat. It’s cool again this morning. 

My 6 yr old went to school easier this morning. Daddy took last night off, I led the prayer meeting and took our daughter with me, and he spent the time at home with the boys (our 6 yr old & 3 yr old). Our oldest is at school camp for 3 days. He tossed the football with them and had Li Li read his books and then put them to bed at 8pm which is better than the after 9 it would have been had they come with me. 

But in the middle of the night they were both up at different times. The youngest crawled into my bed sometime around 3:30am, I put him in bed with his sister at 4am. He likes to cuddle in his sleep and I usually find him in his older brother’s bed by morning. Then around 20 minutes later, my 6 year old had an accident in his bed. I didn’t get him settled, changed and into a different bed and then back into my own bed until almost 5am. I stayed in bed until 8am and wished it could have been longer… 

Hubby made a deal with Li Li, if he’s on time, does his homework / school work and we only hear good reports from his teacher this week, he’ll take him golfing on Saturday morning. He was the first one out the door for the school bus this morning (which never happens). It’s a new day!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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