I’m feeling a bit stupid lately. I have a new job and most of it, I’m really good at. It has to do with social media marketing and for the most part… it’s going OK. But I think I have bitten off more than I can chew at this moment. Last week I was asked if I could create a website for a client and then create ads for them on the various social sites, the first part is new to me — the later I can do with certainty.

I spent the first few days after getting this assignment on the web trying to learn Dreamweaver, I even had my hubby buy “Dreamweaver for Dummies” for me. It didn’t help. I spent 7 hours on Thursday online listening to help seminars on this program and got so frustrated that I washed my entire kitchen / dining room floor on my hands and knees with a cloth!! I clean when I’m trying to get away from doing something else… On Friday I dropped Dreamweaver and started working with iWeb. It seemed to be going well but then putting together the last few pieces of the puzzle has me doubting my abilities again. I couldn’t work on it on Saturday – family wedding out of town and on Sunday – double church services and out of town family at our place…

The job is due this coming Friday. Did I mention that I’m flying out to BC on Thursday evening and am in a work meeting from 8:30am-3:30pm on Wednesday….

So today I will try again, I’ve told my boss that I’m having troubles with this. I feel so stupid and incompetent! I had a really busy weekend where I couldn’t work on it either and this week is packed as well. Today and tomorrow is all I have left to complete it. I’m starting to panic. Big time.

I thought I could do this. I used to work with Dreamweaver, back in 2005 but then again… I only edited material on it and added a some of the content… but I didn’t create it from scratch.

I feel like I’ve let down my boss. That I’ve failed. AUGH!! I don’t like not being able to do something!!!!


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  1. I get that feeling sometimes with the shop cuz it's all so new but yet I know I am supposed to be doing it, so I have learned to deligate, ask when I don't know and things are coming together….although I am not sleeping so well!
    I am sure it's just more of a timing issue right now than anything!!
    you can do it!

  2. You will get it! I believe that you can do this. But somehow you'll need to get more time, because you can't do two things at once. 🙂

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