This morning I woke up and received an award! It was one of those Hollywood moments I’ve dreamed of having… Yes, I should have been famous! OK, now you know my secret fantasy. I was born to be a millionaire!! Now that that bunny trail is out there, let’s get down to why I’m posting.

My little sister – yes Lala you will always be my little sister… awarded me with, “The Thinking Blogger Award”. Although I’m a little skeptical… even I yawn at my own posts!! I know that it is not something she had to do. So now the tough part begins, I have to pay it forwards and award 5 bloggers with the same award. Bloggers that make me think, make me smile, make me glad I’m not alone in this big big world!!

It’s taken me all day and I don’t think I’ve even scratched the surface of all the wonderful people in blogland. I will preface all of this by saying ~ because a lot of the people in my church have a blog and as the wife of the Pastor… I will not be listing anyone from my personal sphere of influence, at least in proximity that is… and to help spread the love… I will not award someone who has already been rewarded with this very prestigious honour…

So having said all that — here it goes — in no particular order — drum roll please — the winner’s of Shasher’s TB Award are:

1) My Daddio! (I live 5,000 klm away from him so I can list him) I’ve been waiting for a very long time for him to start his own blog. For years… before all you got to have a glimpse of his stories, pictures and lessons… I’ve had the PRIVILEGE to be a part of his fan base. Growing up he was our paparazzi, teacher, protector and teddy bear. I love you deeply!
2) Adrienne from Noah Steven, Crowned in Peace’s blog. I stumbled across her blog a few months back and bawled my eyes out every day I read it and I couldn’t stop going back to check in on her. Her baby boy, Noah, died a little while ago and she blogs about how she gets through each day. She has Superman faith and an amazing positive outlook on life. She gives me strength. Adrienne is open and honest and an amazing person in general. I have learned from you and I’ve enjoyed getting a glimpse into your life, thank you for sharing!
3) Mary from Owlhaven is next on my list. She’s a busy mom of 8, the youngest 4 arrived via adoption and another adoption is in the works. Her home always looks organized and fun! She gets lots of awards and she gives just as many. Mary’s is one of the first blogs I came across when I started blogging last year.
4) The next blog caught my attention because of her creativeness. She’s a scrapbooking Queen and a lover of Starbucks. Any guesses yet?? Not only is she extremely talented… she isn’t afraid to be real. She’s bared her soul and shared both her sad moments and her happy ones too. This award goes to Kate from Life in the O’Brien House.
This is tough. Some of the bloggers my sister Lala mentioned I would have given this award to… like Mugwumpmom (my cousin… I thought I’d name drop ’cause I know she’s a popular blog and maybe I’ll get some more hits because of it… just like a Hollywood wanna-be eh?! Always name dropping!!!) she has a way of putting stuff and looking at things outside the box, I love reading her writing. I get to see another side of her that I didn’t get to experience while growing up and living in the same Province!! She is good… but back to my 5.
5) And lastly but not least… Susan and Janice from 5 Minutes for Mom for getting us bloggers together! Keeping us busy with great topics, contests, blog parties and much much more. It’s a great place to get started if you’re thinking of starting a blog for yourself. Lots of information and help found here!
I know not many of these you haven’t heard of and most are listed in my daily read list… All of those could be given this award!! If I come across one that I haven’t mentioned or listed on my sidebar I’ll let you know.


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. hey great paying it forward thought you said it was going to take you a long time to do it!!!

  2. awwww thank you girl! You made me feel a little bit better about choosing to put that kinda stuff “out there”. Now on to check out the other blogs you highlighted!

  3. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!
    Love you…and yes, we do have to figure a way to get you out here more often and vise versa

  4. awwww – THANKS!!!! 🙂

    I was just working on my list for this – Jen awarded us this week too! So I will thank you in that post as well!!!

    I must say – i find it so stressful to “choose” people! I don’t like leaving people out – plus everyone I go to give it to has been awarded already! oh well….

  5. just to let you know – I wrote my post, but I will be posting it Thursday night probably since I just put up some new posts.

    THANKS again you dear sweet thing!!! 🙂

  6. Just connected over here from Lala’s and I’d say that reward is well-deserved!

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