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  1. What a lovely shot! Thanks for sharing the photo! Happy Wednesday to you from Malaysia! 🙂

  2. I'm not very good a "people shots" so I always enjoy seeing how others shoot them. This is truly a charming and lovely shot. I'm sure the little girl is very pleased with her photo!

  3. Oh that's a beautiful photo. I never think to take shots from above like that. Great angle!

  4. Perfectly poised for a little lady!

    Just wanted to say hi on this beautiful sunny Tuesday. You’re always welcome to stop and pay me a visit!

    My latest postings are, “A Feast,” “Love Lifts,” “Wake Up to Serve” and “Soul-itude.”

    Stop by and please leave your comments!

  5. great shot of a adorable child

  6. She's adorable! I love the angle!!

  7. I have never been at a blog party before and it is fun, interesting and a little over whelming at times. I was trying to figure out how to keep track of where I have been and what I have read and I see that you were able to do just that and even blog about it! I found you because of your give away and I am glad that I did. When your blog first popped up I thought "oh I have been here before" but as the pictures and content came together I realized that I hadn't. Someone else out there is running around with your blog back ground but they won't be able to compare with the pictures you took. I enjoyed my time here and I hope that you will find some time to stop by at my place.

  8. Awww….how precious. She is an angel. Wonderful photo!

  9. Beautiful! I've been less wordless than usual because my iphoto (And my computer) are acting up…. could be that my hard drive is getting too full… (kind of like my brain at times~)
    Anyway~ Lovely shot… Was she "posed:, or more candid? Just curious. 🙂

  10. It was in-between the wedding and the reception and she was bored, just sitting by my feet playing. So I captured her. 🙂 She's an easy subject.

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