See that cute face…
Don’t let it fool you!

Don’t get me wrong, he’s not a terrible child in the least – but he is a busy boy. He is a determined little boy! He is my last child, born in the middle of August in 2005 and he was also my biggest baby, I didn’t know babies came so big!! (10lbs 7.5oz)
This boy likes to do things all – on – his – own! 
I left him in the kitchen, by himself, for just like 5 minutes – he was making himself popcorn. I caught him in the act. At least he’s stopped trying to cook things in the microwave all on his own…. we only needed one fire in the kitchen to make him stop from doing that! Just a note… frozen bagels in plastic bags put on high for 20 minutes will burst into flames!! 
A few more of the things I’ve caught him doing:

* Painting my kitchen floor with eggs and paint
* Popped out the screen from the window to escape out of it
* Took all his siblings candy, hide under his bed & ate it all before I found him
* HE LOVES TAPE! It’s usually found on every wall and door and toy in the house
* Hides his “cuppy milk” all over the house, of which I don’t usually find…
Do you have an active child? What are some of the things your kids have done?


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. Oh I have so so many to share!!

    Kai also loves tape btw, it's everywhere- we have to hide it on him 🙂 He smears poop on the bathroom walls (yes it makes me gag!) He likes to help us bake but won't wait for instructions, so there is usually flour all over the place! He sneaks into K's room and gets into her stuff if I turn my back for even a minute!

    The funniest one was recent – he got into DH's shaving gel and squirted it all over his face and up his nose – when we caught him, he was scared- guess he wasn't expecting the can to shoot stuff at him! LOL

    Amanda @ Fire, Earth & Water

  2. My kids are grown but yes I have many memories….cutting their own bangs, having a flour fight…oh my what.a.mess. trust me they will all be precious memories one day 🙂

  3. SO glad to read this!! Sounds like we're walking the same're just a year ahead of me! I'm happy to hear that he microwaves things on his own…Reis did that with a handful of metal hair clips…yikes! I always feel like it's a reflection of my parenting but I SERIOUSLY am NOT fast enough to catch him…so..I'm not the only one…hallelujah!
    P.S. You should make this a linky topic 🙂 It would be funny and encouraging to read all of them!

  4. C loves tape too…and toothpaste. O the things that toothpaste can be used for…hair gel, paint, glue…
    That picture is so cute.

  5. That picture is priceless! My two have gotten into so many messes over the years I can't even remember them all.

  6. Oh my… and I must ask… does he have this way of giving you an adoring look that melts your heart… after you put the fire out?

    Yeah… I have one of those… it was always a "creative" mess… his head was FULL of ideas…including cooking. Once he was banned from the microwave and stove, he made a "cake" with layered bread and yogurt 🙂

    but a warning… at 17… he still uses that impish smile "I love you Mommy" look to get out of any trouble LOL!

    BTW – mine was 10lbs 10z… you beat me! 🙂

    Ah…. ya gotta love 'em!

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