This is my Jake. 

He turned 5 years old a day into our vacation and I didn’t get a chance to sit down and write a post about him… until now. Now that I’m home and things are getting back to normal – schedules and routines and time to blog is back!!

Jacob Zane is his full name and he was born on 
August 15, 2005. 

My hubby wanted desperately to call one of his son’s Zane, after his favourite Western author, Zane Grey.  Not that I completely objected… but I just wanted to name one of my children after my maiden name (Jacobson). I have 4 sisters and no brothers, so no one in my line to carry on the family name. To be honest, I actually wrestled with the name Jacob for the longest time. Hence the reason my 3rd child was named Liam and not Jacob. The meaning of names is very important to me, have you noticed that people actually become their namesake?

Jacob means, “Supplanter” (“to trip up, overthrow, defeat, dispossess,”) made famous by the Jacob in the Bible, twin brother of Esau, who stole his elder brother’s birthright.  That definition had me questioning whether to do this or not.  Then I heard someone preach on the character of Jacob. He was much more than that, “held by the heel” boy, who tricked his father and usurped the authority of his older brother… There was an atonement and redemption for Jacob. God changed his name and he eventually became “Israel”.

Jacob desired the blessing of God with reckless abandonment, with a tenacity and perseverance that was unmatched. We could learn a lot from him!

So anyways… back to my Jacob Zane. Obviously I won the name-the-baby name game. If you pushed out a 10 lb 7 1/2 oz baby boy in less than 6 pushes… you would get to name him too! Click over to see what a baby of that size looks like at birth!! It’s one of my favourite shots of him, he was a BIG BABY!

He has a way of melting your heart. When I’m leaving the house and even sometimes just the room… he runs up and hugs me and tells me, “I’ll miss you!”. It almost makes you forget all the times he pushes and shoves and tries to get his own way! 🙂 
Jake doesn’t seem to have any fear. He hopped on a bike shortly before his 4th birthday and never looked back. He pushes the limits by climbing on to his big brother Q’s bikes and then pops a wheely and jumps off the curb, “Evel Knievel” style. If he falls off his bike, he smiles and quickly says, “Don’t worry, I’m OK!” and gets back on again without hesitancy. This past vacation in Dollywood, he rode every roller coaster his height would allow. He can’t wait until he is tall enough to ride the adult rides!
Happy Belated Birthday to my Baby Jake!! 
It’s hard to believe that 5 years has gone by already. At times it seems like the day will never end and then the next thing I know… another summer has gone by!
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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it that way.

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