The following happened just about a year ago. My hubby reminded me of this story tonight while he was guest preaching at his Brother-in-Law and Sister’s church in Fairmont, West Virginia.  I thought it was worth repeating for ya’ll!

Does anyone remember me telling you this……

September 2009

Something incredible happened to my hubby on the way out west (he moved his brother out to Nanaimo, British Columbia from where we live here in Ontario, around a 4,500 klm journey). 

They were 300 klm from Thunder Bay and about 40 klm past the closest town (northern Ontario is pretty sparse) when both belts on the RV broke. His brother took off in his truck towards the closest town, leaving hubby by the side of the Trans Canada Hwy for hours waiting for his return.
This stretch of highway is so sparse that 2-3 tractor-trailer pass every 2-3 hrs or so. SPARSE!

When along came a small bus that had been converted into a camper, painted camouflage. Hubby was worried as it stopped just beyond where he was parked with the RV, turned around and came up behind him. Then another truck pulling a trailer with a large deep freezer on it, pulled in behind the bus. Now my hubby really wasn’t sure what to think. 

They took a look in the engine and fiddled around and that’s when he found out that it wasn’t just 1 belt but 2 (the serpentine and the alternator). So as they’re standing around at the side of the road, slowly the remainder of the families in the vehicles came out to see what was going on. Now there were a dozen or so adults and about a dozen kids standing by the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere.
This is where it gets GOOD…

The driver of the converted bus starts small talk with my man, where are they going, where are the coming from, etc. It turns out these families were on their way to Pickle Lake to go moose hunting (hence the deep freezers in the back of the truck). The guy asks dh (aka da hubby) where he was from, dh says the town, he looks at dh and says, “I’m from there!” dh tells him what street he grew up on, the guy says, “I grew up on that street!”. He then leans into dh and says, “Did you go to Bible school?” dh says, “Yes” … he then asks, “Do you love Jesus?” dh says, “Yes” … It turned out that they were neighbours when they were kids!! He was 12 when dh was 17 and went off to Bible school (he went to Zion in Rhode Island). 

BUT that’s not the incredible part…

He grabs dh and hugs him – squeezes him and is shaking uncontrollable – for what seemed to my hubby to be a very long time, he said it was the longest hug he’d ever had. So there they were, at the side of the road, 300 klm from Thunder Bay and 40 klm from Longlac, 250 klm from the closest serpentine belt… (the most northern part of Lake Superior, where most people speak French not English) and he’s being hugged by someone he hasn’t seen in 25 years.

If you’re curious where that is… … 449463&z=8
That’s STILL not the incredible part…

This man finally releases him from his grip and says, “I’ve been looking for you for 18 years!!“.

He tells hubby how influential he was as a child on his life. This man didn’t grow up in a Christian home, an abusive, alcoholic dad etc but he knew that hubby did and thought he was cool and nice and looked up to him. He remembered the day dh (da hubby) left for Bible college he said to dh, “You’re going to meet lots of chicks?!” said like only a 12 yr old boy can!! Hubby’s answer that followed stayed with him for all of his life (dh said that he wasn’t going for that, but God would bring the right girl, at the right time to him) and when he reached the end of his rope, after rebelling in his teens and young adult life, after drugs, alcohol and a divorce, he cried out to God – to the God that his neighbour when he was a kid served (he couldn’t remember dh’s name). He gave his heart to God and turned his life around and is now in fact a pastor leading a church near Ottawa.

He’s been praying for 18 years for God to bring them together so he could thank my hubby. And God does, on the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere. 

NOW… how’s that for a divine appointment!!

You never know how you live will effect others!! People are watching your actions, listening to your words… how you live and what you say will bring LIFE or DEATH to not only your situations but others as well!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. I love that story.

    And yes, it IS remote up here 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing that, what a great story.

  3. This is an unbelievable story — except knowing God, it's totally believable! Thanks so much for sharing it…

  4. I have a novel releasing this month (Waterbrook Press) with the title Divine Appointments, because I, too, believe in them. A google search for the title brought up your blog.

    I enjoy your writing and your sassy, lively spirit. Also, I am praying for your child as I type.

    Write on!

    Peace and grins,

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