I didn’t have much of a blogger’s brain while on vacation over Christmas. Lots happened and there is lots to tell you but I just couldn’t put “pen to paper” or finger to keyboard. 🙂

So what did you get for Christmas?!

My family pulled off the biggest surprise… EV-ER! I have to admit… my hubby of nearly 15 years has, up to this point, never been able to get me something to WOW me. Sorry babe, but it’s true and I don’t get rattled very often, not much surprises me. HE DID IT THIS YEAR!

He had me convinced that we weren’t getting each other anything for Christmas this year because we were flying to BC and spending a whack of money to enjoy some time in my hometown with my family.

A little nagging thought entered my brain on Christmas Eve that I probably should get him something, at least fill a stocking for him. While running through Indigo with all 4 of my kids and 3 of my sister’s kids, I picked up whatever I could find for him. He LOVES that store! On my way out, I grabbed a Flip Video Camera (which BTW was $50.00 LESS on Boxing Day! grrr) because I actually really wanted one, all my friends have been winning these from Blissdom Canada days until now! (Remind me to pick up rechargeable batteries, it sucks power good!)

We opened presents after breakfast with my parents at their house. The kids opened all their gifts, my parents opened theirs and hubby opened his stocking presents. His favourite item was a tea strainer/server thingy (I’m so technical at times) from Murchie’s Tea and Coffee shop. Then we were done.

Or so I thought!

I was a bit sad and had mixed thoughts like, “Oh well, I’m here in BC with my family, that’s all I need” and “Dagnabbit, I got nothing!” I’m human, K?! No judgement from you. 🙂

It’s a good thing he opened his Flip Video Camera prior to giving me my gift, otherwise we wouldn’t have caught this on “film”! You might want to turn your volume down…. LOL! What’s even more shocking… the video has had almost 14,000 views since I put it up on December 25!!

Thanks Babe!!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. I love your technical terms. They ROCK! You read my best buy post and saw my techy terms "That thing you use to draw on the computer, its like a pen". We are soul mates you and I.

  2. haha..thats great! I like how your son says,,can I have your iphone now?..lol.:)

  3. Congrats. My sister was offered one from her husband and she declined. I told him feel free to purchase me one anytime he would like.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

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